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How did everyone get this wrong?
October 2014
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ETF Report Features

Higher Rates That Never Happened

by Cinthia Murphy

Interest rates really have nowhere to go but up. But a number of factors—from geopolitical risk to lack of economic growth—have staved off a meaningful increase.

A Fresh Perspective On Bonds

by Cinthia Murphy

To survive the low-rate era, investors need to look at fixed income in a whole new way, BlackRock's Rick Rieder says.

Shifting Landscape

by ETFR Staff

How ETF strategists are preparing for the eventual rising-rate environment


Hedged Or Unhedged?

by Howard Lee

A primer to interest-rate-hedged ETFs

Unwrapping Alternative Income

by Paul Britt

There are many ways to earn income without bonds in this low-rate world, but all carry some type of risk.

A Bridge Too Far?

by Ronald Fink

Everything from Virginia toll roads to African power plants needs financing from private investors. But not all infrastructure investment will provide a good return.

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YYY Offers Investors Income

by ETF Report Advertising

Q&A With Christian Magoon


New ETF Launches

by Heather Bell

First U.S.-listed ETF to provide CDS exposure launches

ETF Explainer: ELD

by Dennis Hudachek

What market movements push the return of this China ETF?

Profile: Focus On Distribution


To make it in ETFs these days, an army of distributors may be priority No. 1

Why I Own: PZA

by Heather Bell

Peak Capital Management's Brian Lockhart on the benefits of muni-focused PZA.

Sectors In Review

by S.M. Brorup

Sectors recovered in August, with telecom—July's top performer—trailing the pack.

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