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'Best Of' Issue
April 2014
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ETF Report Features

First Lady Of ETFs

by Cinthia Murphy

ETF Report spoke with the winner of the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, Kathleen Moriarty, touching on everything from the start of the ETF industry to the percolating Bitcoin ETF.

And The Winners Are …

by Staff

ETF Report announces the other winners of the Awards, as well as listing the other finalists and explaining what sets each of the victors apart.

The Awards Methodology

by Staff

These winners and finalists weren’t just drawn from a hat. In a three-tiered process, started with open nominations and used two separate committees to decide on the winners.


New ETF Launches

by Heather Bell

iShares rolled out a Treasury floating-rate bond ETF—with no expense ratio. Plus: Our monthly look at launches, filings and closures.

ETF Explainer: FXE

by Paul Baiocchi

Our ETF Explainer focuses on the CurrencyShares Euro ETF from Guggenheim and how it's fared in the last year.

Profile: Outsourcing For Success

by Heather Bell

Cascade Financial Management is directing more assets into ETFs—and into portfolios from AthenaInvest.

Sectors In Review

by S.M. Brorup

February saw every sector and subgroup register positive returns, except for telecommunications, which was down slightly.

Why I Own: DSUM

by Olly Ludwig

Hahn Investment Stewards’ Tyler Mordy explains why his firm sees PowerShares’ China bond ETF as a long-term holding.