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The Next Big Frontier
August 2014
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ETF Report Features

The New Old Frontier

by Cinthia Murphy

Morgan Stanley emerging markets expert Ruchir Sharma says frontier markets are much like emerging markets were 20 years ago, but that's where the similarities end.

Re-Emerging Markets

by Olly Ludwig

Today's ETF market is pointing to a rebirth of the emerging markets.

On The Mend & More

by Hung Tran

A confluence of political stability and cheap valuations in developing markets have emerging market and frontier ETFs climbing higher.

Sector Strategies: Slicing & Dicing Sectors

by Dave Nadig & Boris Valentinov

ETFs have expanded the offerings of sector strategies, but an investor needs to understand the differences.

Sector Strategies: 2 Sides To China's ETF Coin

by Dennis Hudachek

Understanding there are two very different markets when it comes to China ETFs is crucial.

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A New EM Landscape

by ETF Report Advertising

Navigating the shifting terrain of emerging markets.

New Fidelity ETFs Take Sector Investing Up A Notch

by ETF Report Advertising

Helping investors execute sector strategies with new ETFs.

The Opportunity In A-Shares

by ETF Report Advertising

How investors can access China's gradually opening A-share market.


New ETF Launches

by Heather Bell

J.P. Morgan launches its first ETF. Plus: Our monthly look at launches, filings and closures.

ETF Explainer: ERUS

by Dennis Hudachek

Our ETF Explainer delves into the year of tumult faced by iShares' Russia ETF.

Profile: Corralling ETFs Into 401ks

by Hung Tran

Brock Moseley of Miracle Mile Advisors discusses his firm's use of ETFs in retirement plans.

Sectors In Review

by S.M. Brorup

Energy dominated the other sectors, but technology and basic materials followed closely.

Why I Own: SDIV

by Hung Tran

Cabot Wealth Management's Robert Lutts explains why SDIV is a good fit for the current environment.

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