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Tap Into The Boom
November 2014
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ETF Report Features

Riding The Energy Boom

by Sumit Roy

Why the fortunes of oil companies are no longer tied exclusively to the price of oil.

Winners & Losers In Commodities

by Cinthia Murphy

Selecting a broad-based commodity ETF is not as simple as in equities as they differ so greatly.

Commodity Indexing An Active Choice

by Dave Nadig

Variation among commodity benchmarks can be significant. Choose carefully.

4 Views On Gold Going Into 2015

by Sumit Roy

Gold is still making a slow recovery from its disastrous 2013 performance. ETF Report explores experts' expectations, sources of demand and ETF choices.

Asia Key To Gold Demand

by Sumit Roy

As global gold demand shifts from West to East, U.S. monetary policy may not matter as much as it used to.

Still Awaiting Rescue

by Lara Crigger

As brutal as the past two years were for gold, they were even worse for gold miners.

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Thinking About Fixed Income

by ETF Report Advertising

A Q&A With Matthew Tucker


New ETF Launches

by Heather Bell

Guggenheim rolls out emerging market real estate ETF. Plus: Our monthly look at launches, filings and closures.

ETF Explainer: KOL

by Dennis Hudachek

Our ETF Explainer looks into the Market Vectors Coal ETF's tumultuous year.

Profile: Tactical Hunt For Price Momentum

by Cinthia Murphy

Capital Management Group's Stephen Blumenthal discusses his firm's adoption of ETFs.

Why I Own: VNQI

by Lara Crigger

Portfolio Partners' Rich Romey opts for the broad exposure of Vanguard's global real estate ETF.

Sectors In Review

by S.M. Brorup

September was a disastrous month for sectors; each one's average returns were in the red.

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