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Options Strategies
July 2014
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ETF Report Features

Have No Fear

by Olly Ludwig

Honestly, options are not that scary, even when you add in ETFs. ETF Report's Olly Ludwig explains how options work and how some investors have run into trouble with them.

Best & Worst Performers

by Cinthia Murphy

Most options-based ETFs rely on covered call strategies, but that doesn't mean they perform the same way. Cinthia Murphy digs into the reasons behind the disparate returns.

A Very Precise Tool

by Dave Nadig and Chris Vinyard

Volatility investments have been much (and perhaps justifiably) maligned, but there are periods when they can lend a boost to your portfolio, according to Dave Nadig and Chris Vinyard.


New ETF Launches

by Heather Bell

Deutsche Bank rolls out a small-cap China A-Shares ETF. Plus: Our monthly look at launches, filings and closures.

ETF Explainer: INDA

by Dennis Hudachek

Our ETF Explainer reflects the iShares MSCI India ETF's election-year ups and downs.

Profile: The Trend Is Your Friend

by Hung Tran

Ohanesian/LeCours' father/son team discusses how they use ETFs in their portfolios.

Why I Own: PBP

by Hung Tran

Stringer Asset Management President and CIO Gary Stringer explains why his firm uses the "BuyWrite" ETF.

Sectors In Review

by S.M. Brorup

Technology and health care battled it out for the top spot, while basic materials trailed the pack.

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