November/December 2014

Editor's Note

by Jim Wiandt


by Matt Hougan

Jim Wiandt, Steven Schoenfeld and John Prestbo reflect.

by Heather Bell

Vanguard's founder considers the current investment environments.

by Heather Bell

'Random Walk' author talks about what has changed in the 40 years since its publication.

by Heather Bell

Looking for stories in the market ...

by Heather Bell

The flexibility of ETFs, potential growth of smart-beta indexing and investing mistakes.

by Heather Bell

Chairman of S&P 500 Index talks about where indexing has been and where it is going.

by Heather Bell

The SPDR Woman reflects on the evolution of the ETF industry.

by Heather Bell

After guiding iShares to the top, a new project.

by Lara Crigger

DFA's founder reflects on the varied nature of passive investing.

by Lara Crigger

The head of MSCI discusses his company's evolution.

by Lara Crigger

The creator of the Russell Indexes talks about a changing industry.

by Lara Crigger

FTSE's founder looks at how far his firm has come.

by Heather Bell

A pioneer in fundamentally weighted indexing talks about the nature of smart beta.

by Heather Bell

Designer of the first comprehensive bond index reminisces about the origins of the Barclays Agg.

by Robert Arnott, Denis Chaves, Jodie Gunzberg, Json Hsu and Peter Tsui

A better methodology for commodity indexes.

by Sal Gilbertie

Supercycle or no, don't ignore this asset class.

by Geetesh Bhardwaj and Rajkumar Janardanan

Adding commodities to a popular investment approach.

by David Blitzer

Commodities, in particular, can help

by P. Brett Hammond

How can investors access the asset class?

by Michael Rulle

A problem with the calculations.

by Frank Schmielewski and Christian Schwehm

Using the extreme-value-at-risk (eVaR) metric.

by James Damschroder, Jonathan Bower, JP Pedinielli, Danny Bensik and Ben Spiegel

How to construct a diversification-weighted portfolio.

by Richard Wiggins, Abdulaziz AlBassam and Radi Alzayer

Achieving DFA-style performance with ETFs.

by Andrew Harmstone

Charting a course between EMH and smart beta.

by David Krein and Cameron Lilja

How to capture buyback performance.

by Theo Gallier

A new area of socially responsible investing.

by Bruce Greig

How many can you name?