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Better Returns
March/April 2014
Editor's Note

Value Added

by Jim Wiandt


Evaluating The Emerging Market Equity ETF Landscape

by Eric Biegeleisen

VWO and EEM aren't the only emerging market exchange-traded funds to consider.

Dividend Indexes And Value Indexes

by Konrad Sippel

How similar are their contributions to a portfolio?

The New ‘Effective’ Frontier

by Craig Israelsen

Improving on the traditional 60/40 portfolio.

OPERS Sticks To Basic Principles

by Heather Bell

CIO Brad Tillberg talks costs and passive management.

The Importance Of Benchmark Choice In Commodities

by John Hyland

It may matter more than it does for stocks or bonds.

The Boom In Buybacks

by David Blitzer

What does this growing trend mean for investors?

What Is The World Coming To?

by Mat Lystra

How individual factors affect country classification.

Target Maturity Bond Funds As Retirement Income Tools?

by Matthew Patterson and Darrin DeCosta

A new approach to bond markets.

Where Have All The Yields Gone?

by Bruce Greig

Do you have the answers?