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‘smart’ beta
July/August 2014
Editor's Note

A Thriving Trend

by Dave Nadig


A Multifaceted Approach To Index Investing

by Felix Goltz, Noël Amenc and Antoine Thabault

Taking factor investing to the next level

Smart Beta For Corporate Bonds

by Shane Shepherd

Market cap may not be the best way to go wight bonds.

UC Endowment Uses Passive/Active Blend

by Heather Bell

CIO Scheer discusses increasing passive investments

Allocating Stocks By Global Market Cap

by Theo Gallier

Lessons learned after a transformative decision

The Middle Ground

by David Blitzer

Smart beta bridges the gap between passive and active

Facts And Fictions About Factor Investing

by P. Brett Hammond

Misperceptions about smart beta abound.

Considering Smart Beta

by Luciano Siracusano

Outperformance in alternatively weighted indexes

Better Beta?

by Bruce Greig

Test your smart-beta expertise!

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