December 15, 2010

CME Launches Weekly Nasdaq-100 Options
The CME Group listed weekly options on futures on the Nasdaq-100 index as of Oct. 18. The options are available for both the standard ($100 multiplier) and the e-mini ($20 multiplier) futures on the index.

With weekly options available, investors will be able to buy options on futures expiring on any Friday of the month, rather than just on the third Friday. The contracts are European-style exercise, with the expiration price based on a weighted average of e-mini Nasdaq-100 futures in the last 30 seconds of trading Friday.

CME Group Volume Rises In October
October saw the CME Group experience a 6 percent jump in volume from the prior year, reaching an average daily contract volume of 11.4 million contracts.

However, its suite of equity index products was the worst-performing group. Index-related derivatives represented about 24 percent of the exchange’s total ADV for October 2010; in October 2009, they were 26 percent of the total ADV. That decline in the share of ADV was accompanied by an actual decline in ADV of 6 percent from the prior year to 2.7 million contracts.


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