Tax Plays? Cash Redemptions?

Good ongoing coverage of the Russell recon, Jim.  I’m still figuring out what the “play” in all this is. It’s a huge movement of money with a payoff that’s not entirely clear. Analysis

All's Well That Ends Well

Further to the Russell 2000 story, the assets, it turns out, went even lower than we'd reported, and they are ALL the way back. Furthermore, BGI indicated that this has become a bit of an annual tradition. Analysis

Gaming the iShares Russell 2000?

We just saw a very big, very gutsy play on the Russell 2000 at rebalance, and we're still working on putting all the pieces together. But it was BIG - big enough that very few market players would even dare to come up with the idea. I mean a $10 billion redemption on stock you don't even have? You've got to be kidding me. Analysis

Big Bucks and IWM Chicanery

The first thing to note on the Rydex deal is that it appears to have been considerablly less than the upper end of the rumors that had been floating around.  I'm hearing closer to $500 million than a billion.  What's your operation worth? Analysis

Rydex Sweepstakes Over

As it turns out, the winner of the Rydex sweepstakes is neither E*Trade nor Invesco: A Kansas-based company called Security Benefit has purchased the Maryland-based investment management company for an as-yet-undisclosed sum. Analysis

And a Cloud of Dust

That's a great little post, Matt. Sixteen basis points - and you're not skimping on the international and have thrown in commodities, which to my mind were prohibitively expensive to invest in for me 3 or 4 years ago. It's the "cloud of dust" part of "16 basis points and a cloud of dust" that does nag at me. Analysis

Sixteen Basis Points

I couldn’t agree more on the overall state of the industry, Jim. I can put together a much better portfolio today than I could five years ago, with more asset class diversification and lower costs. Analysis

Life In the Index Intelligentsia

Matt - you are right on the money - as always. Just kidding. Actually, though, you are right about the index industry's tendency to passionately debate topics that no one else cares about.