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Nadig: Great 'Flash Boys' Idea IEX Doesn't Matter

By Dave Nadig | April 23, 2014
The white-knight trading platform of ‘Flash Boys’ is novel but unnecessary for most investors.

Smart Beta 4: Factor Exposure's Curveball

By Elisabeth Kashner | April 22, 2014
By including factor tilts in smart beta’s definition, you get a mishmash of ETFs.

Latest ETF Fee War: SCHF Vs. VEA

By Paul Britt | April 22, 2014
Two great funds duke it out on fees, but holding costs tell a different story.

Nadig: iShares’ Change Good For Investors

By Dave Nadig | April 21, 2014
BlackRock makes a subtle change to its securities-lending program that all investors should cheer.

Why iShares’ ‘FM’ Is About To Get Better

By Dennis Hudachek | April 17, 2014
UAE and Qatar leaving iShares frontier ETF ‘FM’ poses problems, but will make the fund better.

Smart Beta 3: Sinking Noncap Weighting

By Elisabeth Kashner | April 16, 2014
If you thought smart beta means not cap-weighted, think again.

Nadig: 5 Talking Points On Investing

By Dave Nadig | April 16, 2014
When ETF-friendly advisors give advice to prospects, it’s worth noting what they shouldn’t say.

Understanding Negative P/E Ratios For ETFs

By Paul Britt | April 15, 2014
Do negative earnings show up in an ETF’s price-to-earnings ratio? It depends on who you ask.

Google’s 2 Share Classes Benefit All

By Boris Valentinov | April 15, 2014
Companies do better when founders control the lion's share of corporate voting power.

Destroying Smart Beta 2: Ground Rules

By Elisabeth Kashner | April 11, 2014
How is defining smart beta tricky? Let us count the ways.

Build America Muni Bond ETFs Hot For Now

By Howard Lee | April 10, 2014
The muni market—and BABs in particular—roared back in the first quarter, but can that last?

2 Socially Responsible ETFs That Work

By Paul Britt | April 10, 2014
Sleep like a baby at night while these ETFs earn marketlike returns by day.

Nadig: Biotech—And IBB—Doing Just Fine

By Dave Nadig | April 09, 2014
Panic attack about the sector is overblown.

Destroying Smart Beta: Part 1

By Elisabeth Kashner | April 08, 2014
Series of blogs will examine how to get rid of a dumb term like ‘smart beta.’

Feeling Blue About The ‘S&P 501 Index’

By Paul Britt | April 04, 2014
The venerable S&P 500, tracked by ETFs like SPY, VOO and IVV, changes to reflect a sad reality.

Shifting Japan ETFs For Abenomics 2.0

By Dennis Hudachek | April 04, 2014
Japanese equities have hit a rough patch in 2014, but for the next phase of Abenomics, DBJP looks favorable to DXJ.

Hougan: First Trust's Growing Presence

By Matt Hougan | April 03, 2014
The real story in ETF flows isn’t Vanguard, it’s First Trust.

Nadig: The Good, The Bad & Ugly Of HFT

By Dave Nadig | April 02, 2014
High-frequency trading is back in the spotlight, which could lead to improvements or knee-jerk catastrophes.

Euro Small-Cap ETF Crushing It

By Dennis Hudachek | March 31, 2014
Europe’s debt crisis is running its course—just look at the red-hot small-cap space.

ETF Expense Ratios Don’t Matter

By Matt Hougan | March 28, 2014
Believe it or not, not all index funds are managed the same way.
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