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A Preventable ETF Trading Hiccup

By Paul Britt | August 21, 2014
A cautionary tale: Master limited partnership fund briefly trades well above its fair value.

5 Fastest Growing ETFs Of 2014 By Flows

By Dennis Hudachek | August 20, 2014
A close look at the most popular new ETFs reveals a vibrant and varied fund industry.

Vanguard’s Rise To No. 2 ETF Firm Matters

By Olivier Ludwig | August 19, 2014
The ongoing rise of Vanguard in the world of ETFs is a story that keeps giving investors a lot to cheer about.

Ghosts In The Robo Advisor Machine

By Elisabeth Kashner | August 19, 2014
Not all automated advisory services are created equal.

Brace For Irrational Exuberance 2.0

By Boris Valentinov | August 19, 2014
Are small-cap stocks modern-day dot-coms?

Curious Pattern In The ETF Short Data

By Dave Nadig | August 18, 2014
Even ETF shorts care about exposure.

Which Robo Advisor For My Teen?

By Elisabeth Kashner | August 18, 2014
Start talking with your kids about investing their own money.

Investing In The 'New China' With ETFs

By Dennis Hudachek | August 15, 2014
Investors can take full advantage of China’s next stage of growth with a number of old and new ETFs.

Kinder’s Departure No Threat To MLP Funds

By Paul Britt | August 14, 2014
While short-term tax implications are real, interest in the MLP space isn’t going away.

Careful, This ETF Returned 167% In 2 Years

By Dave Nadig | August 14, 2014
If you hate the VIX as much as I do, there just might be an ETF for you, but buyer beware.

Top ETF Surprises So Far This Year

By Dave Nadig | August 13, 2014
Junior miners, volatility and SPY outflows move the surprise meter.

Bank Loan ETF Trade Risk: Real But Remote

By Paul Britt | August 12, 2014
While concerns are well-grounded, BKLN has proved so far to be robust.

Junk Bond Selloff: More Than A Pullback?

By Howard Lee | August 12, 2014
Two readily accessible data series suggest something else is brewing in the high-yield market.

MLP Index Changes In Pipeline, Taxes Ahead

By Elisabeth Kashner | August 12, 2014
MLP indexes could be in for a big shake-up with Kinder Morgan reorganization.

iBillionaire ETF Buyers: Beware Of Bear

By Dave Nadig | August 11, 2014
Snickering aside, IBLN is likely going to pull in the assets.

What’s Working In A Portfolio? Gold

By Dave Nadig | August 08, 2014
It’s tempting to call for a commodity rally, but it’s hard to see past the ‘shiny.’

Nadig: Finally, Credit Default Swap ETFs

By Dave Nadig | August 07, 2014
Why you should care about TYTE and WYDE, for all their crazy.

Behind SPY’s Monster $8.4B Redemption

By Dave Nadig | August 06, 2014
World’s largest ETF had its biggest one-day net outflow in a long, long time. How’d that pan out in the market?

Alt Investments: More Need; More Choices

By Paul Britt | August 05, 2014
There’s more wind and more sail for alternatives, but choosing a course isn’t easy.

When Is An ETF Not An ETF?

By Dave Nadig | August 04, 2014
When it’s a single stock.
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