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Growth Rates & ETF Performance Math

By Dave Nadig | December 19, 2014
Compounded annual growth rates versus mean annual growth rate.

Why Chasing CUBA Fund Is A Terrible Idea

By Dave Nadig | December 17, 2014
Investors are piling into a closed-end fund with a convenient ticker on the way to ruin.

How Investors Win By Being Just Average

By Dave Nadig | December 17, 2014
The biggest hurdles ETF advisors face aren’t financial, they’re emotional.

5 Most Groundbreaking Bond ETFs Of 2014

By Howard Lee | December 17, 2014
As the investment universe expands, ETFs are there to reflect the changes.

ETFs Made Easy: Spreads & Trading

By Dave Nadig | December 16, 2014
Here’s how exchange-traded funds trade and what kind of orders are used.

Hedged Japan ETFs Set For Big Cap Gains

By Dennis Hudachek | December 16, 2014
Why currency-hedged Japan ETFs are about to get big cap gains distributions.

Limiting Premiums On China A-Share ETFs

By Dennis Hudachek | December 12, 2014
Managing the premiums on the China A-shares fund ‘ASHR’ has been challenging, but things should get easier over time.

ETFs Made Easy: Dividends Vs Total Return

By Dave Nadig | December 12, 2014
Which is better, banking on a dividend or on price appreciation?

2 New Global Warming ETFs Play It Cool

By Paul Britt | December 11, 2014
Two new carbon-targeting funds don’t tilt away from the market in a big way.

Most Interesting New ETFs Of 2014

By Dave Nadig | December 11, 2014
While the fat lady hasn’t sung yet, these three ETFs strike me as the coolest launches of the year.

Junk Bond ETFs Hit By Cheap Oil

By Dave Nadig | December 09, 2014
Not everyone’s a winner when oil prices collapse.

A Leveraged ETF Investor’s Checklist

By Paul Britt | December 09, 2014
If you’re trying to capitalize on huge price swings in commodities or anything else, how you get from A to B matters.

ETFs Made Easy: Capital Gains Tax

By Dave Nadig | December 08, 2014
While most ETFs are taxed like stocks and bonds, there are exceptions.

High Frequency Traders Target Gold Miner ETF

By Dave Nadig | December 05, 2014
GDX continues to exhibit curious trading behavior.

New China ‘Paper’ ETF A Groundbreaker

By Dennis Hudachek | December 04, 2014
If the stars align, KraneShares’ latest China ETF could be a blockbuster.

Choosing The Best India ETF Is Complex

By Dennis Hudachek | December 03, 2014
There are good reasons to choose one Indian ETF over another, but you have to understand those reasons.

Surge In US Equity ETF Flows Fueled By Oil

By Dave Nadig | December 02, 2014
November flows suggest ETF investors are ahead of the game.

iShares Frontier ETF’s Monster Cap Gains

By Dennis Hudachek | December 02, 2014
Sometimes index funds can be vulnerable to big capital gains payouts, too.

ETFs Made Easy: Expense Ratios

By Dave Nadig | December 01, 2014
You can and should control what you pay for a fund, but knowing the exact price can be tricky.

Lessons From The Autopsy Of A Closed ETF

By Paul Britt | November 26, 2014
ETF closures are an annoyance rather than a disaster for investors in the fund.
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