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CalPERS Abandons Hedge Funds—For ETFs?

By Dave Nadig | September 16, 2014
If CalPERS is taking hedgies out, ETFs may be coming back in.

‘Smart Beta’ Is Next Fold To Active Vs. Passive

By Olivier Ludwig | September 16, 2014
‘Smart beta’ almost surely means loss of more market share for active managers.

Warning: VIX Funds Nothing Like Stocks

By Dave Nadig | September 15, 2014
Be careful of your assumptions (and headlines!) about volatility ETFs.

The Long/Short ETF Mousetrap: CSM A Winner

By Dave Nadig | September 15, 2014
Sometimes the hype is real.

Alibaba IPO’s Huge ETF Conundrum

By Dennis Hudachek | September 15, 2014
Where ETF investors can find Alibaba shares is no simple matter.

New Active ETF Mixes Safety And Risk

By Paul Britt | September 15, 2014
WBIG hedges in some areas and bets big in others.

Scots Not Pounding The Pound, It’s Yellen

By Dave Nadig | September 12, 2014
Today the news is full of stories about the collapsing pound. Not so much.

Newest Data In: Active Managers Still Failing

By Dave Nadig | September 12, 2014
The latest SPIVA scorecard is pretty depressing news for active managers.

Don’t Be Starstruck By A ‘5 Star’ ETF

By Dave Nadig | September 11, 2014
Today’s headlines on these quant/active strategies have us scratching our heads.

iPhones & Teslas: 2 Rare Earth ETF Bets

By Dave Nadig | September 10, 2014
With so much focus on new tech, is there a hidden play in ETFs?

Inside Robo Advisor Tax Loss Harvesting

By Elisabeth Kashner | September 09, 2014
Nobody’s an average Joe when it comes to taxes.

Learning To Love Little ETFs

By Dave Nadig | September 09, 2014
With so many new strategies on the market, how do you evaluate a tiny ETF?

The Key Statistic When Evaluating ETFs

By Matt Hougan | September 08, 2014
Real-world tracking difference is incredibly important. So why does nobody look at it?

Index Changes To FTSE China 25 ETF Are Good

By Dennis Hudachek | September 05, 2014
FXI is doing more than doubling the number of its holdings—it’s about to become a better China fund.

Getting The Europe ETF Choice Right

By Dave Nadig | September 04, 2014
With new action by the ECB, hedging may be back in vogue in Europe too.

Robots Leave Money On The Table

By Elisabeth Kashner | September 04, 2014 schools the robo advisors on ETF selection.

Which Japan ETF For 2015?

By Dave Nadig | September 03, 2014
Hedged equity ETFs—last year’s darlings—have had a rough year. Maybe not for long.

ETF Flows Can Reveal Market Sentiment

By Matt Hougan | September 03, 2014
If you want to ferret out signals from ETF flows, you have to dig deep into the data. Here's how to do it.

ETF Changes Course With Investors Aboard

By Paul Britt | September 03, 2014
A sea change, not a style drift, hits IFSM.

Investors Fleeing To This Treasury ETF

By Dave Nadig | September 02, 2014
If you’re reading tea leaves in ETF flows, this one’s ominous.
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