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ETFs Can’t Fix Low Bond Market Liquidity

By Paul Britt | October 24, 2014
Industry movers worry ETF trading belies weak bond liquidity.

Milestone For Nontransparent Active ETFs

By Dave Nadig | October 22, 2014
This week, the NYSE expects to hear from the SEC. What will it mean for ETF investors?

Your ETF Has ‘DRIP Drag’!

By Elisabeth Kashner | October 21, 2014
When it comes to reinvesting dividends, mutual funds have ETFs beat.

Don’t Bet Either Way On Market Volatility

By Dave Nadig | October 21, 2014
With VIX spiking, it’s tempting to pile in or bet against it. Both are a bad idea.

5 ETFs Crushing Their Indexes

By Dennis Hudachek | October 20, 2014
Some ETFs really do track their indexes better than others.

How New Commodity ETFs Really Work

By Dave Nadig | October 17, 2014
iShares’ new commodity fund splits the finest of marketing hairs.

A Very Broken Day For One ETF

By Dave Nadig | October 16, 2014
Yesterday’s broken trades highlight why smart trading matters.

Smaller Emerging Markets ETF Hot New Trend

By Dennis Hudachek | October 16, 2014
The firm joins a new era of emerging market investing with the launch of a new fund.

Downside Risk ETFs Get Their Moment

By Paul Britt | October 15, 2014
Equity ETFs that rely on VIX derivatives to hedge downside risk yield a surprising range of results.

3 Reasons I’m Excited For Inside Fixed Income

By Matt Hougan | October 14, 2014
Our annual fixed-income conference is coming up in a little more than a week and I can’t wait.

Why Did Janus Buy VelocityShares?

By Dave Nadig | October 14, 2014
The more you look at it, the more it is about buying expertise.

MLP Funds Withstanding Oil’s Swoon

By Paul Britt | October 14, 2014
Master limited partnership ETFs differ from broad energy ETFs in avoiding oil’s four-month decline.

Global Equity Funds: Get More, Pay Less

By Elisabeth Kashner | October 14, 2014
When the whole isn’t greater than the sum of its parts, is it really different?

This ETF Portfolio Pays You To Hold It

By Matt Hougan | October 14, 2014
For years, I’ve tracked the 'world’s lowest-cost ETF portfolio.' Now I can do one better.

Bill Gross & The Janus Problem

By Dave Nadig | October 13, 2014
It’s great Bill Gross is looking forward to his second life. But there’s a problem: transparency.

Untangling The Monster Gold Miner Trade

By Dave Nadig | October 09, 2014
How leveraged funds are wagging the GDX dog.

Truth In Labeling: Why An ETF’s Name Matters

By Paul Britt | October 09, 2014
Sometimes ‘extended’ or ‘enhanced’ actually means ‘leveraged.’

Secret Tool For Today’s Financial Advisors

By Dave Nadig | October 08, 2014
Traditional financial advisors are under siege from all sides. But they’ve got a key weapon at their fingertips.

MSCI Index Change Would Have Big ETF Impact

By Dennis Hudachek | October 08, 2014
It seems the Alibaba IPO was simply too big for index providers to ignore.

Caution On Red Hot Coffee ETNs

By Dave Nadig | October 07, 2014
All eyes are on the bitter-dark manna, but are ETNs a safe way to play it?
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