ETF Ideas Free For The Taking

March 15, 2017

So far in 2017, we’ve seen: a filing for a marijuana-related ETF; the first bitcoin ETF proposal get rejected by the SEC; and a filing for religious values ETFs.

It’s a wide spectrum of themes in a short time, so I thought I’d toss a few of my own ETF ideas into the mix.

Obviously there’s a touch of fancifulness, but some are legit, and if there’s one thing we’ve come to learn in the ETF industry, it’s to not underestimate the willingness of ETF issuers to throw spaghetti at the wall.

The bonus? All tickers for my great ETF ideas appear to be available.

Political Values ETFs

Much like the religious-values ETFs that recently went into registration, as well as the one-year-old Global X S&P 500 Catholic Values (CATH)—which has attracted an impressive $87 million in assets since launching—these funds would follow some core values of each political party.

On the surface, this may seem funny, but if investing along your religious beliefs is a thing, investing along your political beliefs is not that much different. Here’s my lineup:  

Democrat Values ETF (DEMS)
Fund would track companies that follow Democratic party values, which would include companies that embrace women and minority leaders, health care firms that offer abortion support to service providers, and clean energy and conservation companies. The fund would also eschew gun manufacturers and military/defense firms as well as firms that produce fossil fuels.

Republican Values ETF (GOP)
Fund would track companies that follow Republican party values, such as gun companies, private prison firms, agricultural as well as military and defense companies. It could also include companies whose top executives publicly support President Trump, such as Under Armour, or even those who advise him and run public companies, such as Icahn Enterprises founded by Carl Icahn, an advisor to Trump and potential Treasury Secretary nominee at one point

Libertarian Values ETF (LIB)
Fund would track companies that follow Libertarian party values, but in the case of LIB, you could also include physical gold and silver, and gold and silver equities, since the gold standard is warmly embraced by Libertarians. Companies would also include gun manufacturers, and even companies that support the marijuana industry, since personal freedoms trump everything for the party. Companies that also publicly support LGBT lifestyle could also find a home here.

Beyond politics-centered ETFs, we could also have other thematic ETFs that would include:


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