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Contango Reports

Contango Report: Silver Roll Costs Mild

By Sumit Roy | September 22, 2014
As is typical, the cost to roll silver futures remains at low levels.

Contango Report: Sugar Roll Costs Top 50%

By Sumit Roy | September 16, 2014
The cost to roll sugar futures is at extremely steep levels.

Contango Report: Wheat Roll Costs Steady

By Sumit Roy | September 08, 2014
The cost to roll wheat futures remains in the double-digit range.

Contango Report: Gasoline Roll Yields Fall

By Sumit Roy | September 02, 2014
Gasoline sees its backwardation narrow significantly.

Contango Report: WTI Roll Yields Spike

By Sumit Roy | August 18, 2014
Front-month WTI contracts hold up better than deferred months.

Contango Report: Silver Roll Costs Rise

By Sumit Roy | August 12, 2014
The cost of holding silver futures remains relatively small.

Contango Report: Gasoline Yields Spike

By Sumit Roy | August 05, 2014
Gasoline's backwardation expands notably as front-month contracts decline less than second-month contracts.

Contango Report: Copper In Backwardation

By Sumit Roy | July 28, 2014
Copper shifted into mild backwardation.

Contango Report: WTI Roll Yield Doubles

By Sumit Roy | July 22, 2014
The U.S. oil benchmark continues to offer attractive returns.

Contango Report: Brent Roll Yield Gone

By Sumit Roy | July 15, 2014
Brent moved into contango for the first time since last year.

Contango Report: Brent Nears Contango

By Sumit Roy | July 08, 2014

Contango Report: NatGas In Backwardation

By Sumit Roy | June 30, 2014
Natural gas is in mild backwardation at the front end of the forward curve.

Contango Report: Cotton Roll Yields Surge

By Sumit Roy | June 23, 2014
Cotton's backwardation continues to grow

Contango Report: Oil Curve Stable

By Sumit Roy | June 16, 2014
Oil prices hit nine-month highs, but the shape of the futures curve didn't change.

Contango Report: Gasoline Yields Over 10%

By Sumit Roy | June 09, 2014
With the summer driving season in gear, front-month gasoline is priced higher than subsequent contracts.

Contango Report: Soy's Deep Backwardation

By Sumit Roy | June 04, 2014
Investors net more than 72 percent annualized from rolling front month soybeans contracts.

Contango Report: WTI Roll Costs Grow

By Sumit Roy | May 28, 2014
Investors net more than 10 percent annualized from rolling front-month WTI contracts.

Contango Report: NatGas Roll Costs Fall

By Sumit Roy | May 20, 2014
Natural gas saw its contango narrow to mild levels.

Contango Report: Lean Hogs Curve Shifts

By S.M. Brorup | May 15, 2014
Lean hogs move into contango.

Contango Report: Oil Roll Yield Grows

By Sumit Roy | May 07, 2014
WTI and Brent both saw their backwardations increase last week.
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