Friday Hot Reads: 4 ETFs For A Balanced Portfolio

July 14, 2017

Compiled by Staff


4 ETFs For A Balanced Portfolio (
Sometimes simplicity is the way to go, especially if you’re a hands-off investor.


It Pays To Lend ETFs (IHS Markit)
How ETF investors can benefit from lending their funds. 


Deutsche Bank Closes 16 ETFs In Hong Kong (Bloomberg)
Boom in $4.5 trillion ETF market has mostly skipped Hong Kong.


Quick Look: Retail ETFs Face Tough Test (FMD Capital)
What's going on with some of the top retail ETFs. 


Here’s Why Money Is Draining From Stock Market’s Biggest ETF (MarketWatch)
Analyst cites short-term trading and fee differences.


Dramatic Shift Taking Place In World's Hottest Investment Market (Business Insider)
A train shifts tracks, much like how investors are shifting their ETF strategy preferences. 


Perception Vs. Reality: How Clients View Advisors (Vanguard Blog)
How do you ensure your perception of how you’re serving your clients matches the reality?


Safe Haven Of Bonds Made Riskier By ETFs (PPG)
Bond ETFs can be worthwhile for broad exposure to the bond market and the flexibility to trade, but you have to know exactly what you’re doing


Saying There's An ETF Bubble Makes Little Sense (Bloomberg)
The shift to low-cost investment funds represents an enormous wealth transfer to investors in the form of lower fees—a huge win for the investor class.


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