Friday Hot Reads: Controversial 4X ETF Hits Snag

May 19, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Controversial 4x ETF Hits Snag (CNBC)
An unprecedented effort to create funds that would have delivered four times the return of the S&P 500 has run into a regulatory roadblock.


Here’s How Much ETF Fees Have Dropped Since The Financial Crisis (MarketWatch)
Intense competition, and the move to passive investing, drove the decline.


Brazil, Emerging Markets Get Roiled, But This ETF Soars 30% (
ProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil Capped (BZQ) soared 31%, though the $42 million fund is still trading near all-time lows and is 61% off its 52-week high.


You Can Use ETFs To Take A Crack At Predicting Currency Returns (Bloomberg)
Deutsche study finds unhedged equity flows presage FX moves.


The Yield 'Melt-Up' That Wasn’t (BlackRock Blog)
Russ Koesterich talks about why bond yields remain low this year, despite expectations of a rise.


Inside China’s Growth Evolution (Capital Ideas)
Market experts offer their 10-year outlook on China.


Yeah, Baby! Finally There's An ETF That Austin Powers Would Love (Bloomberg)
A look at how interesting tickers can give an ETF an edge. 


The Best Spots To Find ETF Bargains Now (Time)
Foreign equity ETFs and deep-value funds look cheap compared to the broad U.S. market. 


How To Make Money By Betting Against Passive Investing (MarketWatch)
When active management is out of favor, take a look at out-of-favor stocks that aren't in the index.


Global ETF Industry Larger Than Global Hedge Fund Industry (Seeking Alpha)
ETFGI's research shows investors have preferred allocating to ETFs over hedge funds since 2010.


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