Friday Hot Reads: IPO Themed ETFs Outperforming

August 18, 2017

Compiled by Staff


IPO-Themed ETF Strategies Winning In 2017 (MarketWatch)
Two high-profile IPOs may have resulted in disappointment for market participants this year, but the general strategy of putting money into Wall St.’s newest IPOs has outperformed.


Gary Cohn Most Important Person On Wall Street (CNBC)
Cohn is the key remaining connection the administration has to the pro-business, pro-investment world.


Global Ex US Real Estate On Fire In 2017 (WisdomTree)

Given where inflation-adjusted bond yields are around the world, this asset class has particularly interesting characteristics.


Trump Orders Fix To US Infrastructure, Impacts ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
The order aims at reducing restrictions and regulatory burden to speed up infrastructure projects, which would impact ETFs.


Will Blockchain Work For Gold? (Bloomberg Markets)
Using blockchain for gold transactions could revolutionize trading in the precious metal.


Low-Vol ETFs Surge On Trump, Fed Worries (Nasdaq)
Low-volatility ETFs have hit 52-week highs on political and market concerns.


An Overview Of Corporate Bonds (Gordian Advisors)
A look at what's going on in the corporate bond space. 


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