Friday Hot Reads: Rise Of Religious ETFs

September 01, 2017

Compiled Staff


The Rise Of Religious ETFs (Reuters)
More faith-based ETFs aim to marry money-making with meaningful principles. 


Did Buffett Kill Value Investing? (Irrelevant Investor)
Value has lagged the S&P 500 ever since an article by Warren Buffett.


ESG ETFs: Too Young, Small & Expensive? (Barron's)
ETFs tied to sustainable investing continue expanding, albeit with investor challenges. 


Emulating Endowments With ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
Small and medium-sized endowments effectively compete with larger endowments by using ETFs.


European Strength Continuous (Mainstay Investments)

European economy has surprised investors and economists, outpacing the U.S. economy in the first two quarters.


Ins & Outs Of Low Vol ETFs (FMD Capital)
Consistency and reliability describe the trend of low-volatility equity ETFs. 


Regulators Should Reject Bitcoin ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
Wrapping bitcoin in an ETF makes as much sense as printing and snail-mailing your emails.


US Equity Drivers In 2017 (WisdomTree Blog)
Companies deriving ex-U.S. revenues have done great, while small-caps have floundered.


Right Amount Of Int'l Diversification (Morningstar)
You may not need as much as you think.


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