Friday Hot Reads: Time To Kill Off The 3-ETF Portfolio

May 12, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Time To Kill The 3-ETF Portfolio (Seeking Alpha)
John Lohr says advisors selling separately managed accounts containing just three ETFs are ripping clients off. 


What’s The Best Way To Build A Multifactor Fund? (Morningstar)
A look at the isolated approach versus the integrated approach for multifactor ETFs.


Impact Of ETF Fee War On Investors, Issuers & Industry (ETFdb)
The growth and widespread adoption of ETFs has created intense competition among issuers, which are battling for market share in an increasingly cut-throat environment.

Hedge Funds Are Facing A US Criminal Probe Over Bond Valuations (Bloomberg)
U.S. prosecutors are investigating one of Wall Street’s darkest markets, focusing on hedge funds suspected of inflating the value of debt securities in their portfolios to juice the fees they collect.


Where Investors Favor Humans Over Indexes: Target Date Funds (ABC News)
Investors are still giving money to active managers in one notable area, which also happens to be one of the hottest for retirement saving.


Gold Miner ETFs Signaling An Upcoming Surge In Gold & Silver Again (Seeking Alpha)
Gold miner stocks are rallying again. Here’s what it all means for GDXJ, GDX, GLD and SLV going forward.


The One Investment Truth That Never Changes (FMD Capital Management)
An investment advisor says the one guiding truth to every experience he’s had working with clients is that people are their own worst enemies when it comes to investing.


The Map Vs. The Terrain (The Irrelevant Investor)
A look at the growth of a long-term investment and focusing on the destination provides little insight into the journey one experienced to get there.


Snap’s Decline Is Weighing On The Few ETFs That Hold It (MarketWatch)
Social media funds are feeling the pinch of Snap’s first quarterly earnings report since going public. 


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