Monday Hot Reads: These Energy ETFs Need A Tow

July 17, 2017

Compiled by Staff


4 Worst Performing ETFs Are All Energy Related (CNBC)
The four worst-performing large ETFs are all exposed to oil and energy. Some strategists see upside potential in these beaten-up names if oil prices rise.


6 ETFs To Profit From Next Tech Revolution (MarketWatch)
Diversified portfolio of next-generation tech stocks could generate phenomenal returns.


Time To Revisit Your Stock & Bond Allocations (Iris)
This might also be a good time to make sure you’re diversified into five or more asset classes.


Solving The Advisor Value Equation (SPDR Blog)
An attractive element of digital asset allocation platforms is cost. But only 33% of investors “completely understand” the fees they’re being charged.


The US Is Firing On More Cylinders (Capital Ideas)
The various components of the U.S. economy have struggled to get in sync in recent years, but business- and industrial-focused areas have recently provided momentum to overall growth.


Being Amazon Of ETFs Is Tough On Revenue (Bloomberg)
Despite record ETF inflows, BlackRock isn't seeing accompanying revenue gains.


ETF Bubble Based On Flawed Logic (Money Observer)
A U.K. fund manager argues that ETFs don’t have a neutral impact on the markets. 


Ups & Downs Of Leveraged ETFs (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Why leveraged ETFs are not a long-term investment.


BlackRock's iShares ETF Business Posts Record Inflows (CNBC)
The largest asset management firm in the world said its ETF business had a record quarter.


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