Monday Hot Reads: Your Own Worst ETF Enemy

September 11, 2017

Compiled by Staff


How ETF Investors Sabotage Themselves (MoneySense)

A recent study suggests investor behavior is an issue.


Value Investing Broken? (Morningstar)

Panelists at Morningstar conference debate what's gone wrong with value.


What Low Vol Is (& Isn’t) Telling Us (BlackRock Blog)

Data suggest investors are fearful about the lack of fear in the market. 


El-Erian On Investors & Current Risks (Bloomberg)

Despite warning signs, investors seem to have fallen into complacency about market risks.


SEC May Still Approve Bitcoin ETF (CoinTelegraph)
Kathleen Moriarty, partner at the law firm that helped develop the first ETF, says SEC’s still waiting on bitcoin or cryptocurrency ETFs.


Contrasting EM Opportunities: FX, Equities & Bonds (WisdomTree)

Emerging market equities and bonds are markedly outperforming most developed markets.


Rise Of Religious ETFs (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)
Faith-based ETFs are a new, intriguing phenomenon, and a byproduct of two ongoing trends.


Leverage Up Your ETF? (Springfield News-Leader)
Leveraged ETFs allow short-term investors to leverage an investment without directly using options or margin.


3 ETFs To Help Build Retirement Wealth (Motley Fool)

Some ETFs are particularly well-suited to build your retirement nest egg.


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