Thursday Hot Reads: All ETF Data Not Created Equal

August 31, 2017

Compiled by Staff


ETF Data Are Not Created Equal (Forbes)

Common metrics can be calculated a number of ways.


What’s Hiding In Your ETF? (NerdWallet)

Investors should look beyond an ETF’s name to understand what it really invests in. 


Value: Dead Or Just Slumbering? (BlackRock Blog)

Why value has lagged this year, and what could change that.


Biotech ETFs Still Show Strength (Barron's)

Health care, particularly biotech stocks, showing solid growth for a good price.


MLPs: When Energy Sentiment Goes Down The Pipe (MainStay Investments)

Master limited partnerships are typically midstream energy businesses that pay attractive yields.


Buffett: Stocks ‘Less Attractive’ But Still Beat Bonds (Bloomberg)
Warren Buffett said the market rally over the last few years has made it harder to find bargains, but he still prefers stocks over bonds.


Strategic-Beta Funds Aren't As Distinctive As Advertised (Morningstar)
Most strategic-beta funds' performance can be replicated with a combination of market-cap-weighted indexes.


S&P: Debt Ceiling Failure More Catastrophic Than Lehman (CNBC)
Failure to raise the debt ceiling could have worse consequences than the Lehman Brothers collapse.


Managing For Your Clients’ Required Return (Vanguard Blog)

Clients need to know the return required to meet their goals.


Gold Winning New Fans (Bloomberg)

With inflation stalling and Trump's agenda likely to follow, gold attracts renewed investor interest.


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