Thursday Hot Reads: Home Bias Blues

June 22, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Home Bias Blues: Investors Really Should Get Out More (Morningstar)

Why home bias persists in investor portfolios and why it should be avoided.


Investors Staying In Dividend ETFs (Bloomberg)
It doesn't matter what the Fed says.


Investors Flood World's Most Expensive ETF (Globe And Mail)
Despite the astronomical costs, investors are pouring record sums of cash into 'BIZD.'


Big Options Bet On China ETF (CNBC)
One trader appears to be staking the better part of $2 million on a big move for ‘FXI.’


How To Invest In An Overvalued Market (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

Suggestions for coping with an uncomfortable situation.


This Stock Market Bull Doesn’t Believe In ‘Peak Stimulus’ (ETF Expert)
Possible implications of central banks creating money in times of crisis.


How Fear May Be Compromising Your Future (BlackRock Blog)

Our Investor Pulse survey found Americans are still sitting on an ample pile of cash.


Dirty Little Secret Of ETFs Is Selling Point For This Fund Veteran (Bloomberg)
Securities lending rates vary depending on borrower demand; the practice can bring in serious cash.


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