Thursday Hot Reads: Money Keeps Flowing Into Biggest Oil ETF

June 29, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Money Keeps Flowing Into World's Biggest Oil ETF (Bloomberg)
Crude tumbled into a bear market last week, but investors never gave up pouring money into the $3.15 billion ‘USO,' the world’s biggest ETF tracking the commodity.


ETFs Unfairly Blamed For Low Volatility (Business Insider)
Goldman Sachs say that if passive funds were actually causing the ongoing low-volatility conundrum, correlations between stocks would be much higher. 


Have Strategic-Beta Bond ETFs Outsmarted Their Peers? (Morningstar)
Though the strategic-beta ETFs have outperformed their market-cap-weighted counterparts, they haven't kept up with our favorite actively managed funds in four of the five categories.


Gold ETF Anomaly: Big Assets, Negative Returns (Nasdaq)
A look at the key gold ETFs and what drives investor interest in them. 


How ETF Bubble Feeds Stock Market Bubble (Forbes)
The ETF industry has betrayed the principles laid out by John Bogle.


Why Many Financial Advisers Love Bond ETFs (BlackRock Blog)
A conversation about the sudden popularity of fixed-income ETFs.


Bitcoin Has Become So Volatile It Looks Like An ETF On Steroids (Bloomberg)
Historic volatility measure jumps amid ether flash crash.


ETFs A Smarter Way To Buy Dip In Nasdaq Stocks (Seeking Alpha)
Investing can get expensive, but these ETFs offer low-cost access to opportunity in tech stocks. 


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