Thursday Hot Reads: Pairing Dividend Funds With Bank ETFs

July 27, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Pairing Dividend Aristocrats With Bank ETFs (SeekingAlpha)
One sector of the market essentially absent from the list of Dividend Aristocrats is the banks.


What's So Great About Lithium? (The Reformed Broker)
Lithium is seeing sudden and explosive demand.


What's Creating Momentum For Japan ETFs? (ETF Trends)
Japan ETFs are enjoying the renaissance being experienced by ex-U.S. developed-market stocks.


The Euro's Obituaries Were Premature (Economist)
Mario Draghi really did “whatever it took” to save the euro.


How ETFs Are Revolutionizing The Bond Market (ETF Daily News)
A look at how ETFs have changed the way investors access bonds.


ETF Liquidity Trap Will Get You (Seeking Alpha)
While investors are confident about liquidity, in some asset classes, it’s actually quite scarce. 


Strong Buy Signal: EM Valuation Gap Vs. S&P 500 (WisdomTree)
It should be no surprise emerging market equities currently trade at a discount to U.S. equities, but the size of that discount is something investors aren’t fully appreciating.


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