Thursday Hot Reads: PowerShares To Buy Guggenheim ETFs

August 03, 2017

Compiled by Staff


PowerShares Buying Guggenheim ETFs (Reuters)
Deal will mark one of the biggest ETF acquisitions ever.


CBOE Plans To Launch Bitcoin Futures (CNBC)
CBOE Holdings, the parent company of, and Gemini Trust announced an agreement Tuesday to use Gemini's bitcoin market data to create bitcoin trading products.


Winklevoss Trying To Get Wall Street To Go Big On Bitcoin (Quartz)
The availability of bitcoin futures could ease several issues for the big firms. 

S&P Bans Multiple Share Classes From Indexes (Bloomberg Markets)
The S&P 500 now excludes companies from membership that have multiple share classes.


What Types Of ETFs Are Best For You? (Motley Fool)
The following types of ETFs are the most common.


Revisiting The August 2007 Quant Crunch (MSCI Blog)
What real-time data reveals about what happened during the quant liquidity crunch.


Tech Stocks Have Regained Dotcom-Era Highs (Economist)
But the sector has changed a lot since the last peak.


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