Thursday Hot Reads: Worst Performing ETFs All Have One Thing In Common

May 18, 2017

Compiled by Staff

Worst-Performing ETFs All Have One Big Thing In Common (CNBC)
Exposure to oil is the defining feature of the worst-performing ETFs. 


Can Smart Beta ETFs & Active Management Coexist? (Financial Planning)
With the advent of benchmark-beating ETFs, the lines between active and passive have blurred. So, what’s better for advisors’ clients—smart-beta securities or actively managed funds?


BlackRock Says Some ETF Investors Are Making This Classic Mistake (Bloomberg)
It’s Investing 101—don’t chase performance. But that’s just what buyers of smart-beta ETFs have been doing for the past month. 


Bank ETFs Fall Into Correction Territory As 'Trump Trade' Unwinds (MarketWatch)
Two of the largest ETFs to track banks fell into correction territory on Wednesday, the latest sign of how what had been one of the most pronounced "Trump trades" has largely unraveled.


Investors Should Avoid The US Oil ETF (Seeking Alpha)
The problem of time decay has contributed to the USO's underperformance relative to the price of oil.


Measuring The Efficiency Of Revenue Weighted ETFs (FMD Capital Management)

There are many index methodologies on the market today. We look at how revenue-weighted indexing works.


Investors’ Bets On Wall Street Calm Just Got Crushed As Stock Market Sells Off (MarketWatch)
Those who bet against the VIX during period of historical lows were hit hard.


Think Global To Avoid The Shrinking US Stock Market (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
The U.S. stock market is shrinking in terms of the number of stocks. Investors should look for opportunities abroad.


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