Tuesday Hot Reads: How To Spot A Bull Or Bear Market

August 15, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


How To Spot A Bull Or Bear Market (Bloomberg)
Defining a market by percentage changes doesn't offer the insight needed to make investment decisions.


How The Fed May Sway Fixed Income Markets (SPDR Blog)
Eight years into the U.S. recovery from the global financial crisis, the Fed is starting to untangle its web of quantitative easing. 


Bitcoin Attracting Serious Skeptics (The Street)
The cryptocurrency has become mainstream and impossible to ignore. But there are still haters.


Investors Buying ETFs On Margin Could Unravel Market (CNBC)
J.P. Morgan is concerned retail investors are using too much leverage to buy stocks and equity-related ETFs.


Can Bond Portfolios Be ‘Factorized’? (Alpha Architect Blog)
Can the concepts of equity factors translate to corporate bonds? 


Investors Sticking With Emerging Market ETFs (Benzinga)
Although South Korea took a hit last week, investors are sticking with emerging market ETFs.


Households Could Propel India Bull Market (WisdomTree Blog)
Inflows from domestic investors could drive a bull market in India.


Hedge Funds Gain Influence In Passive Boom (Bloomberg)
The decade-long growth of cheap index-tracking funds is giving hedge funds an unexpected influence in setting market prices.


Passive Investing Blows Past 2016's Record Level (CNBC)
Across the first seven months of 2017, global investors routed $391 billion into ETFs, already beating last year's record annual inflow of $390 billion.


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