Tuesday Hot Reads: Should You Invest In A Dividend ETF?

September 05, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Should You Invest In A Dividend ETF? (Nasdaq)
Ryan Gilmer, VP of Investment Management at TOPS ETF Portfolios, shares his views.


ETF Investing Lessons From Warren Buffett (Yahoo)
Citing overvaluation concerns in equity markets, Buffett says stocks will beat bonds from the valuation perspective.


Low-Cost Access To Momentum Factor (Seeking Alpha)
iShares' momentum ETF 'MTUM' has outperformed the S&P 500 since inception.


Investing For Long Run With ESG (MSCI Blog)
Allocation and selection effects are key to performance of MSCI's global ESG benchmark.


Emerging Markets See Demand For Their Bonds (Bloomberg Markets)
High-yield emerging debt is getting attention as interest rates remain suppressed in developed markets.


Vanguard Chief Dismisses ETF Bubble Fears (Financial Times)
Bill McNabb says explosive growth of the funds does not represent a systemic threat.


How Yen Impacts Japanese Equity ETFs (WisdomTree)
Currencies are difficult to predict, but understanding their impact on your investment is crucial.


2 Ways Guggenheim Offers Pure Style ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
A look at the methodology behind pure style ETFs.


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