Tuesday Hot Reads: What To Ask A Financial Advisor

August 08, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


5 Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor (Morningstar)
Inquire about areas of expertise, compensation arrangements, and credentials before signing on for financial help.


Bad Active Management Can’t Survive The Internet (ReformedBroker)
The relentless online education of the investor class has done more to threaten mutual fund AUM and profit margins in the last few years than ever before.


Picking Winners In The Era Of Machine Investing (Bloomberg)
The burgeoning field of computer-driven investing has grown so large and complex that a Singapore family office has decided you need a quant to help you find the right quants.


Key Question With Derivative ETFs (Motley Fool)
The first thing to ask about a derivative ETF is what the underlying asset is that the ETF is trying to track in some way.


Factor ETF Investing: Back To The Fundamentals (WisdomTree)
Value, size, quality, momentum, low correlation and low volatility are factors investors consider on their quest for low-cost alpha. Yet many struggle to effectively measure them among their assets.


Think Outside The Style Box (BlackRock Blog)
How to refresh the Morningstar style boxes.


Bitcoin Hits New High (Zacks)
Bitcoin crossed another record level, with futures and ETFs pending.


China ETFs Steam To Multiyear Highs (FMD Capital)
The largest China funds have been on a tear lately.


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