Wednesday Hot Reads: An ETF For Easy Asset Allocation

May 17, 2017

Compiled by Staff


An ETF For Easy Asset Allocation (Benzinga)
Smart-beta exchange-traded funds continue proliferating and playing pivotal roles in the staggering growth of the broader ETF space.


Traders Short This ETF To Maximize Their Amazon Bets (Bloomberg)
Investors have been heavily shorting the retail ETF 'XRT' as part of a strategy to bet on a company that competes with a large chunk of the fund’s holdings.


Frontier Market ETFs Poised To Become Riskier (
MSCI's reclassification of Pakistan to emerging market status raises some issues for frontier market indices and ETFs.


Why ETF Investors Should Incorporate Commodity Exposure (ETF Trends)
Investors should not overlook commodities as a critical component for a strategic, long-term portfolio component.


Mutual Funds Ate The Stock Market. Now ETFs Are Doing It (Bloomberg)
Is active management making a comeback? Sort of. Is that good? Maybe.


Hybrid ETFs May Offer The Best Of Both Worlds (The Global And Mail)
Hybrid ETFs modify the straightforward, passive tracking of an index (or other strictly defined mandate) used by most ETFs. This usually involves some level of active management.


A New Policy Season In The United States (Vanguard)
Joe Davis outlines possible policy changes from the Federal Reserve and Capitol Hill.


Do You Believe In The Inflation Bogeyman? (WisdomTree)
One lynchpin behind the Fed’s decision-making process so far in 2017 has apparently been the altered inflation landscape. Should fixed-income investors fear inflation? 


VIX Is At 10 & What Does Everyone Want? Low-Volatility ETFs (Bloomberg)
Despite volatility remaining at record lows, demand for low-volatility equities and funds remains strong.


John Bogle Explains Why Index Investors Shouldn’t Fear A Stock Downturn (MarketWatch)
It’s still not a reason to turn to active management.


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