Wednesday Hot Reads: Identifying Next Bubble

July 12, 2017

Compiled by Staff


4 Signs Of A Bubble (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

Some investors spend 95% of their time worrying about market extremes that only occur 5% of the time.


Passive Investing Might Not Be Great For Growth (Bloomberg)

There's some evidence passive investing reduces competition, which isn't good for the economy.


Where’s The Next Bubble? (Schwab)
We identify the four most popular candidates for bubbles.


How ‘Active’ Should Your Index Be? (WisdomTree Blog)

Wesley Gray of Alpha Architects talks with the folks at WisdomTree.


Why Value ETFs Could Bounce Back (ETF Trends)
Value factor ETFs lagged their growth and momentum counterparts the first half of 2017.


Should You Ride The Momentum In Grain ETFs? (Seeking Alpha)

Grain prices are on a tear. Here’s what to consider.


4 Tax Myths Of Mutual Funds Debunked (Capital Ideas)
Misconceptions about tax efficiency and mutual funds abound. 


New Smart-Beta ETFs Focus On Low Vol & Sports (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg Intelligence's Eric Balchunas examines the latest entries into the smart-beta ETF market. 


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