Wednesday Hot Reads: Jim Cramer On ‘Why I’m Against ETFs’

March 22, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Cramer: Why I'm Against ETFs (CNBC)
The host of Mad Money sees big problems with what he calls the ongoing "ETF-ization" of investing. ETFs, too, are risky and can distort market valuations, he says.


France ETF Rises On Heavy Volume After First Presidential Debate (MarketWatch)
The iShares MSCI France ETF (EWQ) rallied to its highest level since August 2015 in what suggests renewed investor optimism about the upcoming election in France.


ETF Buyers Still Bullish On Platinum (Bloomberg)
Holdings in platinum-backed ETFs posted a sixth straight weekly gain on Friday, the longest stretch since November.


Thanks To Modi, ETFs Finding Favor In India (Economic Times)
The success of an exchange-traded fund backed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government may help boost the acceptance of such products in the world's second-fastest growing ETF market. 


Rare Wall Street Sell Ratings Picked Up Before Sell-Off (CNBC)
The group known for being overly bullish lemmings got bearish in the last month ahead of the crack in the markets this week. 


Failure To Repeal Obamacare Would Endanger Tax Cut Goals (Bloomberg)
Top Republicans are warning their fellow party members that failing to repeal Obamacare could imperil the goal of a massive tax cut, and perhaps more of President Trump’s legislative agenda.


Reactions To Last Week's Dutch Elections & Fed Decision (WisdomTree)
Jeremy Schwartz looks at the latest macro news, and what they mean to investor portfolios. 


High-Yield Bonds React To Sub-$50 Oil (MainStay Investments)
Energy is one of the largest sectors in the high-yield bond market, so it didn’t go unnoticed when oil prices recently reached three-month lows amid supply concerns.


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