Wednesday Hot Reads: ‘Vampire’ ETFs Impacting Bank Stocks

June 14, 2017

Compiled by Staff


'Vampire' ETFs Are Causing Bank Stocks To Move In Lockstep (Bloomberg Markets)
ETFs represent a disproportionate share of the trading volume in bank stocks and could be affecting liquidity.


Death Of The Human Investor (CNBC)
"Fundamental discretionary traders" account for only about 10% of trading volume in stocks today, J.P. Morgan estimates.


Dividend ETFs Come Under Pressure Of Rising Rates (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg's Eric Balchunas looks at the performance of smart-beta dividend ETFs as the market expects the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at this week's meeting.


Dutch Speed-Trader Turns To Currencies After Conquering ETFs (Bloomberg)
Flow, which handles about a third of all ETF trades in Europe, is seeking to do to currency markets what it’s already done to its core business.


4 Key Factors To Consider Before Selecting An Active ETF (
Consider things like differentiation from the benchmark, track record, costs and your own expectations.


Bitcoin Needs Government Regulation To Rise Further, Morgan Stanley Says (MarketWatch)
Government acceptance is necessary for growth, and it hinges on regulation.


A New Tool For Gauging US Economic Cycle (BlackRock)
Keeping economic cycles in context matters. BlackRock has created an interactive tool to do just that. 


The Impact Of Passive Investing On Market Efficiency (MainStay Investments)
Academic studies are beginning to shed light on how passive ETFs are influencing markets.


'The Day Of The Dovish Hike?' (ZeroHedge)
The Treasury market is convinced the Fed will hike today, but not convinced about the longer term.


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