ETF League Tables

By Staff | November 24, 2015

Top three issuers saw net inflows in their products on Monday, Nov. 23.

By Staff | November 23, 2015

'SPY' paced outflows for SSgA on Friday, Nov. 20.

By Staff | November 20, 2015

Vanguard assets dipped fractionally on Thursday, Nov. 19.

By Staff | November 19, 2015

BlackRock extended its lead over other issuers on Wednesday, Nov. 18.

By Staff | November 18, 2015

Inflows into 'SPY' fueled asset gains for SSgA on Tuesday, Nov. 17.

By Staff | November 13, 2015

'SPY' paces inflows for SSgA on Thursday, Nov. 12.

By Staff | November 10, 2015

Big flows into 'IWB' pace ETF inflows for BlackRock on Monday, Nov. 9.

By Staff | November 09, 2015

Top two issuers gained on Friday, Nov. 6.

By Staff | November 05, 2015

'VOO' and 'VNQ' led Vanguard's issuer-leading creations Wednesday, Nov. 4, as total U.S.-listed ETF assets hit $2.153 trillion.

By Staff | November 04, 2015

Small-cap equity ETF 'IWM' paced iShares' issuer-leading asset-gathering on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

By Staff | November 02, 2015

BlackRock's iShares led issuer inflows on Oct. 29, capturing $578 million in net creations.

By Staff | October 29, 2015

BlackRock assets grew, while assets for competitors like Vanguard and SSgA dipped on Wednesday, Oct. 28.

By Staff | October 26, 2015

'IWM' paces gains for BlackRock, while 'SPY' paces gains for SSgA on Friday, Oct. 23.

By Staff | October 23, 2015

Inflows into products like 'EEM' helped BlackRock extend its lead as the No.1 ETF issuer on Thursday, Oct. 22.

By Staff | October 22, 2015

BlackRock and SSgA shed assets, while Vanguard and Invesco PowerShares add to their totals on Wednesday, Oct. 21.

By Staff | October 21, 2015

The top four ETF issuers all saw net inflows into their products ranging from $100 million to $800 million on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

By Staff | October 20, 2015

BlackRock gained nearly $1 billion in AUM, while SSgA lost more than $2 billion due to outflows from 'SPY' on Monday, Oct. 19.

By Staff | October 19, 2015

BlackRock and SSgA saw the biggest inflows into their products on Friday, Oct. 16.

By Staff | October 16, 2015

A positive day for equity markets led to asset gains for the top three ETF issuers on Thursday, Oct. 15.

By Staff | October 15, 2015

'SPY' outflows lead to an overall drop in assets for issuer SSgA on Wednesday, Oct. 14.



Investors took profits on U.S. equity ETFs on Friday, Nov. 20.

Top three issuers saw net inflows in their products on Monday, Nov. 23.


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