ETF Watch

By Heather Bell | August 24, 2015

A baker's dozen of funds debut on the NYSE Arca from four firms.

By Heather Bell | August 17, 2015

Guggenheim launches an equal-weight ETF tracking the S&P 500’s real estate sector.

By Heather Bell | August 10, 2015

iShares files for an international answer to AGG.

By Heather Bell | August 03, 2015

Trust to add real estate, financial services Select Sector SPDRs to lineup.

By Heather Bell | July 27, 2015

New 50 percent-hedged ETFs split the difference between hedged and unhedged.

By Heather Bell | July 20, 2015

DFA helped develop and will manage smart-beta ETFs for John Hancock.

By Heather Bell | July 13, 2015

First Trust launches its own cybersecurity ETF.

By Heather Bell | July 06, 2015

iShares greatly expands currency-hedged ETF lineup.

By Heather Bell | June 29, 2015

World's largest ETF provider weeding out some of its smaller products.

By Heather Bell | June 22, 2015

iShares rolls out size and value factor ETFs targeting developed markets ex-U.S.

By Heather Bell | June 15, 2015

Van Eck rolls out an ETF targeting spinoffs.

By Heather Bell | June 08, 2015

iShares rolls out a direct competitor to State Street's CWB.

By Heather Bell | June 01, 2015

Elkhorn Investments launches first fund, a CapEx-focused S&P 500 ETF.

By Heather Bell | May 25, 2015

AccuShares rolls out Up/Down VIX ETFs targeting spot prices

By Heather Bell | May 18, 2015

Global X rolled out a lineup of multifactor ETFs last week.

By Heather Bell | May 11, 2015

PowerShares rolls out low-volatility, currency-hedged eurozone ETF.

By Heather Bell | May 03, 2015

New iShares 'FactorSelect' ETFs combine quality, value, momentum and size.

By Heather Bell | April 27, 2015

Global X rolls out the first-ever Pakistan ETF.

By Heather Bell | April 20, 2015

A question mark hangs over Source in the U.S. after it closed its eurozone ETF.

By Heather Bell | April 13, 2015

Deutsche Bank rolls out currency-hedged infrastructure and REIT ETFs.



By Dave Nadig

With many ETFs currently trading well off fair value, what’s an ETF investor to do? Don’t panic.

By Matt Hougan

Out-of-favor funds can bring attractive returns.

By Matt Hougan

New data from Charles Schwab show that the death of mutual funds is happening faster than we thought.

By Dave Nadig

Grab the popcorn. Precidian just doubled-down on its nontransparent active ETF proposal with the SEC this morning.


By John Del Vecchio

An index that goes long financially sound companies and shorts the ones with problematic balance sheets.

By Dan Draper

The nature of retirement is changing. How can investors adapt?

By Invesco PowerShares

A more in-depth look at the smart-beta survey's results.