ETF Watch

By Heather Bell | April 25, 2016

Christian Magoon's Amplify debuts market's only online retail ETF.

By Heather Bell | April 18, 2016

SSgA launches 2 more active DoubleLine-managed bond ETFs.

By Heather Bell | April 11, 2016

Two new Diversified Return ETFs have currency hedges.

By Heather Bell | April 04, 2016

ETF newcomer rounds out its offering of multifactor sector ETFs.

By Heather Bell | March 28, 2016

Principal rolls out two new ETFs.

By Heather Bell | March 21, 2016

First Trust debuts Focus 5 ETF with cash component.

By Heather Bell | March 14, 2016

PureFunds rolls out video game and drone technology funds.

By Heather Bell | March 07, 2016

Vanguard rolls out a pair of dividend-focused international ETFs.

By Heather Bell | February 29, 2016

Mutual fund giant launches growth-focused small and small/mid ETFs.

By Heather Bell | February 22, 2016

ProShares launches second version of managed futures ETF.

By Heather Bell | February 15, 2016

Credit Suisse and UBS roll out ETNs tied to energy-related indexes.

By Heather Bell | February 08, 2016

ETF provider files for fixed-income ETFs of ETFs

By Heather Bell | February 01, 2016

WisdomTree files for six U.S. corporate bond ETFs.

By Heather Bell | January 25, 2016

Latest Direxion filing outlines -1X sector, frontier ETFs.

By Heather Bell | January 18, 2016

Market Vectors launches the first-ever generic pharmaceuticals ETF.

By Heather Bell | January 11, 2016

WisdomTree and iShares launch ETFs with nonstatic currency hedges.

By Heather Bell | January 05, 2016

Mutual fund giant jumps into the ETF space with smart-beta funds.

By Heather Bell | December 28, 2015

J.P. Morgan rolls out another addition to its smart-beta lineup.

By Heather Bell | December 21, 2015

Guggenheim rolls out a Dow Jones industrial average dividend ETF.

By Heather Bell | December 13, 2015

Elkhorn's second fund uses a smart-beta strategy.



By Drew Voros

With the broad equity ideas all taken, issuers look for thinner slices of exposure.

By David Lichtblau

How funds wash away capital gains through create/redeem process.

By Dave Nadig

End investors are the big winners; brokers—not so much.

By Dave Nadig

ETF industry petitions the SEC for market microstructure changes.


By Adam Patti

After a record-setting year in 2015, investors wonder what 2016 will hold.

By Sprott Asset Management

New fund’s underlying index targets equities sentiment on social media.

By Kristi Kuechler

Avoid taking unrewarded—or unintended—risks.