ETF Watch

By Heather Bell | April 20, 2015

A question mark hangs over Source in the U.S. after it closed its eurozone ETF.

By Heather Bell | April 13, 2015

Deutsche Bank rolls out currency-hedged infrastructure and REIT ETFs.

By Heather Bell | April 06, 2015

ALPS rolls out a junior gold miners ETF with well-known precious metals firm.

By Heather Bell | March 30, 2015

iShares rolls out "Exponential Technologies" ETF targeting cutting-edge advances.

By Heather Bell | March 23, 2015

Global X adds to its lineup of dividend-focused ETFs

By Heather Bell | March 16, 2015

CSOP Asset Management launches its first U.S.-listed ETF.

By Heather Bell | March 09, 2015

Deutsche Bank rolls out 3 interest-rate-hedged bond ETFs.

By Heather Bell | March 03, 2015

iShares rolls out an active fixed-income ETF that seeks to balance credit and interest-rate risk.

By Heather Bell | February 23, 2015

GreenHaven rolls out the first-ever futures-based coal ETF.

By Heather Bell | February 18, 2015

ProShares launches 4 leveraged/inverse gold miners funds.

By Heather Bell | February 09, 2015

Fidelity adds to its lineup of sector ETFs after MSCI revamps classification system.

By Heather Bell | February 02, 2015

AdvisorShares closes two of its gold-focused ETFs, less than a year after launching.

By Heather Bell | January 27, 2015

ETF newcomer plans massive expansion into hedge fund strategies.

By Heather Bell | January 20, 2015

iShares launches two factor funds, plans more.

By Heather Bell | January 12, 2015

Vanguard files for its first passively managed municipal bond fund, includes ETF share class.

By Heather Bell | January 05, 2015

ProShares is shutting down more than 11% of its total lineup.

By Heather Bell | December 29, 2014

Commodity ETF provider shuts down its natural gas and oil funds.

By Heather Bell | December 22, 2014

ETF newcomer rolls out initial fund targeting dividend growth.

By Heather Bell | December 15, 2014

Asset-allocation ETF doesn't have management fee.

By Heather Bell | December 09, 2014

KraneShares debuts China commercial paper ETF.



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