ETF Watch

By Heather Bell | February 08, 2016

ETF provider files for fixed-income ETFs of ETFs

By Heather Bell | February 01, 2016

WisdomTree files for six U.S. corporate bond ETFs.

By Heather Bell | January 25, 2016

Latest Direxion filing outlines -1X sector, frontier ETFs.

By Heather Bell | January 18, 2016

Market Vectors launches the first-ever generic pharmaceuticals ETF.

By Heather Bell | January 11, 2016

WisdomTree and iShares launch ETFs with nonstatic currency hedges.

By Heather Bell | January 05, 2016

Mutual fund giant jumps into the ETF space with smart-beta funds.

By Heather Bell | December 28, 2015

J.P. Morgan rolls out another addition to its smart-beta lineup.

By Heather Bell | December 21, 2015

Guggenheim rolls out a Dow Jones industrial average dividend ETF.

By Heather Bell | December 13, 2015

Elkhorn's second fund uses a smart-beta strategy.

By Heather Bell | December 07, 2015

SSgA rolls out three factor-based ETFs tracking indexes derived from the Russell 1000.

By Heather Bell | November 30, 2015

Deutsche Bank rolls out the first funds in its own multifactor ETF family.

By Heather Bell | November 23, 2015

A new ETF brand debuts with a fund targeting carbon emissions.

By Heather Bell | November 16, 2015

New fund is currency-hedged, covers non-USD investment-grade bonds.

By Heather Bell | November 09, 2015

iShares rolled out four currency-hedged minimum-volatility ETFs.

By Heather Bell | November 02, 2015

New ETFs play European recovery and strong dollar, invest in real estate.

By Heather Bell | October 26, 2015

CSOP and Deutsche roll out China ETFs with hedging and smart-beta twists.

By Heather Bell | October 19, 2015

New ETF is first of its kind.

By Heather Bell | October 12, 2015

SSgA launches two new ETFs to reflect changes to GICS.

By Heather Bell | October 05, 2015

John Hancock rolls out six smart-beta ETFs.

By Heather Bell | September 28, 2015

Financial giant Goldman Sachs enters the ETF space with smart-beta fund.



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