Friday Hot Reads: Low Carbon ETFs Catch A Spark Since Trump Win

February 10, 2017

Compiled by staff


Low-Carbon ETFs Catch A Spark In Trump Era (MarketWatch)
A duo of funds—which aren’t alternative energy funds, but instead offer broad-market exposure with a bias toward companies with low emissions—have outperformed the S&P 500 index thus far this year. The funds also have seen notable inflows since the presidential election.


Twitter Price Plummets, Dinging Social Media ETF (MarketWatch) 
Disappointing earnings tanked Twitter's stock by 10% on Thursday, and dragged down Global X's Social Media ETF (SOCL) as a result. 


Gold ETFs Supportive Of Miners & Industry (Platts)
As ETFs become more prominent, they will be used more. Large gold-consuming countries like India and China are expected to increase their ETF flows, especially as technology and access improves in those countries, says one analyst. 


Possibility Of March Rate Hike Looms (BlackRock Blog)
BlackRock's Rick Rieder thinks changing conditions could lead to interest rates being raised in March.


Bitcoin ETF Offering Grown To $100 Million (CoinDesk)
As the SEC decision nears, the Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF filing expands its offering size and lowers the maximum offering price.


How To Make Money In The ETF Business (
A look at ‘implied annual revenue’ of ETFs reveals where the money is being made in the industry.


As Trump Nails Down Tax Overhaul, He Faces Biggest Federal Debt Surge Since Truman (CNBC)
To win approval from Republican budget hawks on Capitol Hill, the Trump administration will need to offset any proposal to lower taxes with cuts in spending. As many previous administrations have learned, there is little "discretionary" spending left to cut.


Brexit Nears & Financial Regulation Cast Into Limbo (Bloomberg)
The manner by which the U.K. exits the EU raises thorny issues for the financial services industry.


High-Grade Corporate Bond Fund Inflows At Historical Highs (Barron’s)
Inflows for high-grade bonds for both mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are at historical highs, according to a recent report from BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.


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