Monday Hot Reads: 3 ETFs To Help You Build Retirement Wealth

February 27, 2017

Compiled by Staff


3 ETFs To Help You Build Retirement Wealth (Motley Fool)
Many ETFs aim to provide strong growth, but some are particularly useful to those trying to accumulate savings for retirement.


Buffett Smokes Hedge Funds In Wager (Yahoo)
Warren Buffett wins 10-year bet regarding an S&P 500 fund versus hedge-fund-manager picks.


BlackRock Now Neutral On Emerging Market Debt (BlackRock Blog)
The investment management firm downgrades its recommendation over uncertainty around the dollar and U.S. policy.


Trump On Verge Of Own Bull Market (Bloomberg)
U.S. stocks are on their longest streak of record closes since 1987.


ETF 'Alternative Facts' (Vanguard)
Do ETFs cause market volatility? Vanguard’s Fran Kinniry says the assertion is an alternative “fact.”


Are We Past Peak Bearishness On Europe? (WisdomTree)
The biggest overarching question for the market today is whether we are going from deflation to inflation and from low growth toward higher growth.


How Brexit Means EU Loses Money, Influence, Might: 6 Charts (Bloomberg)
The U.K.’s impending departure from the EU means the rest of the bloc is saying goodbye not only to its most awkward member, but to one of its richest countries.


Hedge Funds' Favorite ETFs (Barron's)
With every disruptive product comes naysayers, and for ETFs, hedge fund managers have been especially vocal.


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