Monday Hot Reads: Tracking ETF Ownership

July 10, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Tracking ETF Ownership (Barron's)
A look at the biggest ETF owners of the 207 bank stocks the firm covers.


A Smarter Approach To ETF Investing (WSJ)
Investors in ETFs should know that time of day makes a difference.


The ETF-isation Of The S&P 500 Sparks Lively Debate (FT)
Vanguard owns 6.8% of the U.S. index, but not entirely in its ETFs.


Real Interest Rates Weigh On Gold ETF 'GLD' (Seeking Alpha)

Gold prices may find support, but a rise in real interest rates is pressuring the yellow metal.


VIX Below 10 In Q2: What Do We Know From The Past? (Indexology)

In Q2, the CBOE Volatility Index fell below 10 seven times, and the closing level of 9.75 on June 2 was the lowest since 1993.


3 Ways To Buy The Dip (FMD Capital Management)
Factors to consider when exploiting an opportunity.


ETFs A Tax Loophole? (Investopedia)
The products are being used to avoid the IRS' wash-sale rule.


Investing In Green Bonds: What To Know (MarketWatch)
The ins and outs of a rapidly growing investment area.


Markets No Longer Make Sense To Macro Managers (Bloomberg)
A classic hedge-fund approach is suffering in a world of disconnected markets.


Can ETF Markets Maintain Their ‘Stick & Move’ Strategy? (SPDR Blog)

“Stick and move” is an essential tool for any boxer. With so many rotations in 2017, markets have been sticking and moving all year.


A Gold Fund Pioneer Goes It Alone In ETFs (WSJ)
William Rhind bets on commodity ETFs after a long bad stretch for the sector.


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