Tuesday Hot Reads: Ray Dalio Expands ETF Empire

February 14, 2017

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Ray Dalio Expands ETF Empire In 4th Quarter (Yahoo Finance)
With these transactions, Dalio increased his portfolio holdings by about 4.7% in aggregate.


CalPERS Hurt By Reallocation Away From Equities (Bloomberg)
The largest pension fund in the U.S. reduced its equity allocation and gave up $900 million in returns.


Learn The ABCs Of ETFs Before Betting Your Portfolio On Them (CNBC)
Financial advisors say that before you start buying ETFs, it's important to fully grasp their nuances, because like any investment, they're far from risk-free.


South Korea ETFs Decline After North Korea Missile Launch (MarketWatch)
The launch was seen as one of the first tests for the foreign policy of President Donald Trump’s administration, and so far his response is uncertain.


Timing Market Bubbles Is Hard (Economist)
Neither a doubling of the market nor a historically high valuation are reliable sell signals. That shouldn’t be too surprising: If timing the market were easy, big swings in prices would not happen.


Steady Under Pressure: How SPY Performs in Times of Market Stress (SPDR Blog)
SSgA’s Jim Ross shows why SPY’s tremendous growth is due to its ability to perform as designed, even during times of market stress.


Could Higher Infrastructure Spending Move The Muni Market? (Capital Ideas)
The new administration’s infrastructure spending plan could have an impact on municipal bond investors. Capital Group portfolio manager Karl Zeile discusses the possible implications.


Mind The Gap Between Academic Research & Practice (Morningstar)
The returns of factor investment strategies often look more impressive in academia than in practice.


How Tax Reform Could Affect Muni Bonds (BlackRock Blog) 
Lowering individual taxes can lower the returns of municipal bonds, but it's not that simple.


Trump Tax Reform Likely To Disappoint (Bloomberg Markets)
Cowen's Krueger cautions against expecting too much from Trump's planned tax changes.


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