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By Scott Nations | August 31, 2015

But volatility options don’t come cheap.

By Sumit Roy | August 28, 2015

Putting the recent pullback in high-yield ETFs in perspective.

By Michele Mazzoleni | August 27, 2015

Current emerging market valuations appear to provide the perfect battleground for value investors.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 27, 2015

The latest computer fail in the world of trading highlights core difference between mutual funds and ETFs.

By Sumit Roy | August 27, 2015

Economist shares his insight on the outlook for emerging markets.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 26, 2015

Advisors share how they save clients from themselves when the market takes a turn.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 24, 2015

Trading discounts snap back but some have regulatory oversight concerns.

By Sumit Roy | August 24, 2015

Financial markets see steepest correction since 2011; here are the funds benefiting and suffering.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 21, 2015

Three ETF strategists tell us what ETFs they have added to their portfolios this year, and why.

By Scott Nations | August 21, 2015

While you may agree oil is headed south, the question is, how quickly?

By Sumit Roy | August 21, 2015

China isn't the only reason emerging market ETFs have been plunging.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 20, 2015

Issuer’s EEM and IEMG battle it out in-house.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 20, 2015

Hull Tactical believes timing the market can be done, and it launched an ETF this year that sets out to do just that.

By Sumit Roy | August 20, 2015

Natural gas inventories rose by 53 bcf last week, less than expected.

By Sumit Roy | August 19, 2015

Famous technician describes how ETFs work in his analysis.

By Howard Schneider and Jason Lange | August 19, 2015

Minutes from Fed’s July meeting show both confidence and concerns.

By Matt Hougan and Cinthia Murphy | August 18, 2015

The new online RIA makes using options easy through cutting-edge technology.

By Cinthia Murphy | August 18, 2015

ETF newcomer has topped $1 billion in assets, and delivered outperformance. DoubleLine tells us why.

By Drew Voros | August 17, 2015

Some sectors are more susceptible than others to the optimism every new year seems to bring.

By Sumit Roy | August 17, 2015

Energy a big drag on S&P 500 earnings in the second quarter.



'JNK' and 'BSV' led ETF creations Friday, Aug. 28, as investors piled into fixed-income ETFs at the expense of equity funds.

'QQQ' and 'SPLV' paced Invesco PowerShares' issuer-leading outflows Friday, Aug. 28, as total U.S.-listed ETF assets hit $2.039 trillion.


By Dave Nadig

With many ETFs currently trading well off fair value, what’s an ETF investor to do? Don’t panic.

By Matt Hougan

Out-of-favor funds can bring attractive returns.

By Matt Hougan

New data from Charles Schwab show that the death of mutual funds is happening faster than we thought.

By Dave Nadig

Grab the popcorn. Precidian just doubled-down on its nontransparent active ETF proposal with the SEC this morning.


By John Del Vecchio

An index that goes long financially sound companies and shorts the ones with problematic balance sheets.

By Dan Draper

The nature of retirement is changing. How can investors adapt?

By Invesco PowerShares

A more in-depth look at the smart-beta survey's results.