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By Cinthia Murphy | July 31, 2015

iShares just launched a currency-hedged version of its international high-yield bond fund, and it couldn’t come at a better time.

By Scott Nations | July 30, 2015

A trader maintains his bearish position and makes a profit even as he reduces the portfolio’s risk.

By Cinthia Murphy | July 30, 2015

ETF investors should consider diversifying exposure to Chinese stocks as market changes.

By Sumit Roy | July 28, 2015

There's good reason to believe technology ETFs will continue to outperform their energy counterparts.

By Chris Brightman, Jim Masturzo and Noah Beck | July 28, 2015

In the U.S. market, the answer is a resounding 'yes!'

By Lara Crigger | July 27, 2015

How Miller Investment Management's Wyn Evans uses ETFs to build better portfolios for his high net worth clientele.

By Drew Voros | July 27, 2015

Founder of new ETF issuer O’Shares learned fund construction from his mother.

By Sumit Roy | July 24, 2015

Charles Robertson says there are a number of potential triggers for the next big downturn in stocks.

By Cinthia Murphy | July 24, 2015

Investors are yanking assets from riskier fare as commodity prices and earnings disappoint.

By Cinthia Murphy | July 23, 2015

Vanguard joined the battle for a clearer—and fairer—fiduciary status requirement.

By Scott Nations | July 23, 2015

Trader places his bet on the Nasdaq-100 fund before Apple earnings.

By Lara Crigger | July 23, 2015

Here's all you need to know about trading ETFs.

By Lara Crigger | July 22, 2015

ETFs are great, but that doesn't mean they are risk-free.

By Sumit Roy | July 22, 2015

Gold miner ETFs hit lows not seen in a decade.

By Cinthia Murphy | July 21, 2015

Institutional use of ETFs is helping to drive asset growth.

By Sumit Roy | July 20, 2015

Analyst says additional oil from Iran will be more like a trickle than a flood.

By Cinthia Murphy | July 20, 2015

Technology is great, but only if you’re using it correctly to your benefit.

By Drew Voros | July 20, 2015

Another giant wealth manager jumps into the ETF pool.

By Sumit Roy | July 20, 2015

Gold continues its decline, and here's why.

By Sumit Roy | July 20, 2015

Gold continues its decline, and here's why.



Core U.S. equity ETF 'VUSE' saw its total AUM jump nearly 30 percent Wednesday, July 29. Investors poured fresh assets into U.S. equity and bond funds alike on the day, bringing total U.S.-listed ETF assets to $2.141 trillion.

'IWM' and a handful of other iShares ETFs paced the firm's issuer-leading asset gains on Wednesday, July 29, as total U.S.-listed ETF assets rose to $2.141 trillion.


By Paul Britt

Toss and turn about whether to hedge currency risk, but don’t lose sleep over the derivatives themselves.

By Dave Nadig

With the China A-share market half-broken, ETF investors should be very, very cautious.

By Drew Voros

Price depreciation and continued outflows have made for a tough few years.

By Dave Nadig

Legendary investor trips over how ETFs work.


By Invesco PowerShares

A more in-depth look at the smart-beta survey's results.

By Invesco PowerShares

Smart beta appears to be poised for further growth.