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New ETF Issuer WBI Pulls In $1B-Plus

By Matt Hougan and Olly Ludig | August 29, 2014
A new fund issuer surprises with massive inflows of money into 10 brand new funds.

The Great Emerging Markets Rebound

By Cinthia Murphy | August 29, 2014
After 2013’s sell-off, it’s almost a no-brainer that emerging markets are looking attractive.

Selling UUP Calls Into Dollar Strength

By Scott Nations | August 28, 2014
One options trader bets the dollar index’s recent run may be done.

3 Things To Weigh With S&P 500 At 2,000

By Cinthia Murphy | August 27, 2014
Is the S&P 500 reaching the 2,000 milestone cause for celebration?

How To Be Defensive In A Bull Market

By Jared Dillian | August 26, 2014
Be skeptical, not pessimistic, and use hedges.

What ‘Smart Beta’ Means To Us

By Rob Arnott and Engin Kose, Research Affiliates | August 25, 2014
Despite the nomenclature, the real issue is how to best manage investor assets.

Fighting Black Swans In Your Portfolio

By Rachael Revesz | August 22, 2014
A new book explains how you can reduce risk but not heavily dampen returns.

Finding Smart Beta In The Factor Zoo

By Jason Hsu & Vitali Kalesnik, Research Affiliates | August 22, 2014
We’ll gladly bet a simple blend of market, value, low beta and momentum exposures against anyone’s optimized 81-factor portfolio.

Selling Options On Housing Fund XHB

By Scott Nations | August 21, 2014
If the housing sector continues to improve, then selling puts on the homebuilder ETF makes sense.

iShares, Pimco Together Closing 22 ETFs

By Olivier Ludwig | August 18, 2014
iShares decides to put an end to its lineup of target-date ETFs.

Saxo Bank: Germany In Recession By 2015

By Rachael Revesz | August 15, 2014
Germany will be back in the red by the start of next year and Europe is heading towards Japan-style deflation, says Saxo Bank CIO Steen Jakobsen.

Floating Rate Bond ETFs Back In Vogue

By Cinthia Murphy | August 15, 2014
Concerns about higher rates send investors back to floating rate bonds.

Falling Gold Demand Not As Bad As It Looks

By Sumit Roy | August 14, 2014
The WGC reported a 16 percent decrease in gold demand for the second quarter, but a deeper look at the numbers suggests the market is balanced.

ALPS Shutters 4 ETFs For Lack Of Assets

By Olly Ludwig | August 14, 2014
The distributor shuts four ETFs that were perhaps too complicated for their own good.

Shrinking Japan GDP Shifts ETF Outlook

By Hung Tran | August 13, 2014
Currency-hedged Japan ETFs are facing head winds as growth slows, but that’s not the whole story.

3 ETFs Rising With Facebook & Twitter

By Hung Tran | August 13, 2014
But there are also downside risks associated with Internet stocks.

Pimco’s BOND Can Now Use Derivatives

By Cinthia Murphy | August 11, 2014
Gross’ ‘BOND’ may now use derivatives, just like its mutual fund counterpart.

UNG Vs. FCG: Diverging NatGas Story

By Cinthia Murphy | August 11, 2014
Futures-based fund can react differently than equities-based fund when it comes to this energy market.

High Grade Bond, Gold ETFs Last Diversifiers

By Cinthia Murphy | August 11, 2014
Correlations are suddenly rising.

Sharma On The 'New Old' Frontier Markets

By Cinthia Murphy | August 08, 2014
Morgan Stanley emerging markets expert says frontier markets are much like emerging markets were 20 years ago, but that's where the similarities end.
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