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Investors Flood Oil ETFs Looking For Bottom

By Cinthia Murphy | December 19, 2014
Energy funds see wave of inflows as oil prices crater.

Lower Oil Could Mean Higher Rates Sooner

By Cinthia Murphy | December 19, 2014
Falling oil prices are affecting a lot of things, including how the Fed considers its next monetary policy moves, Windham's Lucas Turton says.

Where Risk Lurks In Low-Vol Fund ‘SPLV’

By Scott Nations | December 19, 2014
Far outside of the option pits, investors need to take measure of how volatility can help and hurt them.

The Case For $20 A Barrel Oil

By Sumit Roy | December 18, 2014
Why there's no real floor for oil prices in the short term.

Legends Of Indexing: Kelly Haughton

By Heather Bell | December 17, 2014
The creator of the Russell Indexes talks about a changing industry.

Russia ETFs Plummet; Some See Value

By Cinthia Murphy | December 16, 2014
Collapsing oil prices and ruble rout shake markets.

Short Debt Prices Falling Ahead Of Fed

By Olly Ludwig | December 15, 2014
The Fed looks to be on track to raise short-term rates in 2015, but the long end is dancing to a different tune.

Legends Of Indexing: Burton Malkiel

By Heather Bell | December 15, 2014
'Random Walk' author talks about what has changed in the 40 years since its publication.

4 Drivers Behind Falling Treasury Yields

By Cinthia Murphy | December 12, 2014
Here's why the Treasury market continues to confound conventional wisdom.

More Pain For Oil Before Big Reversal Higher

By Sumit Roy | December 11, 2014
What some leading analysts are forecasting for the oil market.

Greek Equity ETF Sinks On Uncertainty

By Cinthia Murphy | December 11, 2014
Greece is again at the forefront of worries about Europe, and stocks there are cratering.

Vanguard’s Davis: Lower Return Expectations

By Drew Voros | December 11, 2014
Vanguard’s chief economist talks about what investors should be considering going into 2015.

Using Options To Ride A Rebound In XLE

By Scott Nations | December 11, 2014
If oil prices bounce and take the oil ETF ‘XLE’ with them, playing that jump might make more sense with options.

Legends Of Indexing: Art Lipson

By Heather Bell | December 10, 2014
The creator of the Barclays Agg reflects on its history.

BlackRock’s Investment Outlook For 2015

By Rachael Revesz | December 10, 2014
Next year will be a trickier market to navigate with central bankers on hold and less liquidity.

Don’t Bail On China Equity ETFs Just Yet

By Cinthia Murphy | December 10, 2014
Sure China’s in transition and is plenty risky. But that doesn’t mean it’s a bad investment.

New Meb Faber ETF An Industry Disrupter

By Cinthia Murphy | December 10, 2014
The latest from Cambria is a fund of funds so cheap its management fee is zero.

PIMCO Drama Helped Create Vident ETF

By Olly Ludwig | December 09, 2014
A big money manager in Atlanta—and the Bill Gross soap opera in California—had everything to do with the creation of a bond ETF from Vident.

Legends Of Indexing: John Bogle

By Heather Bell | December 08, 2014
Vanguard's founder considers the current investment environments.

SPY Chief Looks Beyond $200B In Assets

By Cinthia Murphy | December 05, 2014
State Street's original ETF is now among the biggest funds in the world, but Jim Ross says investors can expect more from the firm.
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