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$97M More Exits PIMCO’s ‘BOND’

By Olly Ludwig | October 01, 2014
The loss of Bill Gross keeps costing PIMCO’s BOND assets under management.

Belden: Hunting For Value In Corp Bonds

By Cinthia Murphy | October 01, 2014
In a changing interest-rate environment, corporate bonds look good, but focus on value.

12.5% Of BOND’s Assets Follow Gross Out

By Olly Ludwig | September 30, 2014
A spike in BOND’s trading volume on Gross resignation turns out to be redemptions.

ETFs Collect $21B In Sept., $54B In Q3

By Olly Ludwig | September 29, 2014
ETF asset-gathering continued apace month-to-date and quarter-to-date, even if falling equities pulled assets lower.

Has Exodus From PIMCO's ‘BOND’ Begun?

By Olly Ludwig | September 29, 2014
With Bill Gross out at PIMCO, some assets may follow him.

Meb Faber Waves Red Flag On Dividend ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | September 29, 2014
Income-hungry investors need to be aware of factor fatigue in the U.S.-dividend-ETF space.

Gross Leaves Void At BOND ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | September 26, 2014
His departure could result in investors looking elsewhere.

With Gross Along, Will Janus Now Enter ETFs?

By Matt Hougan | September 26, 2014
Bill Gross' arrival doesn’t mean Janus will be issuing an ETF soon.

Bill Gross Leaves PIMCO, Joins Janus

By Olly Ludwig | September 26, 2014
PIMCO's founder jumps ship for Janus and Daniel Ivascyn will become group chief investment officer.

Commodity ETFs Sail Choppy Seas This Year

By Cinthia Murphy | September 26, 2014
Overabundance of supplies, strong dollar and other factors have made it a tough year for most commodity funds.

Hudachek On CCTV: Alibaba IPO Aftermath

By Olly Ludwig | September 25, 2014
The Alibaba IPO has created many stirrings in the world of indexing and ETFs.

Sideways Bet With An XLF Options Strangle

By Scott Nations | September 25, 2014
Just because XLF has been up and down and up in the past six years doesn’t mean it won’t turn boring.

SEC Probes Pimco’s Active ETF Pricing

By Rachael Revesz | September 24, 2014
Bill Gross’ actively managed bond ETF ‘BOND’ is under investigation for reportedly ‘inflating’ returns.

Bond Volatility Up, ETF Investors Beware

By Cinthia Murphy | September 24, 2014
Volatility appears to be on the rise in bonds, but that doesn’t mean the future is clear.

Anatomy Of WBI’s Eye-Popping ETF Debut

By Olly Ludwig | September 23, 2014
To hear the firm’s founder tell the tale, many of WBI’s clients couldn’t wait to own ETFs.

A Convertible ETF For Rising Rates

By Cinthia Murphy | September 22, 2014
Hybrid security fund works both like a bond and a stock.

Rieder: Bond Investors Must Be Tactical

By Cinthia Murphy | September 22, 2014
To survive the low-rate era, investors need to look at fixed income in a new way, BlackRock’s Rick Rieder says.

Markets Rally On Scotland's 'No' Vote

By Rachael Revesz | September 19, 2014
The Scottish people have voted to stay within the U.K., boosting markets this morning.

US On Pace To Be Top Oil Producer In 2015

By Sumit Roy | September 19, 2014
Crude prices attempt to bounce off support levels even as U.S. output surges.

Eugene Fama: Active Management A Fallacy

By Cinthia Murphy | September 18, 2014
The Nobel laureate known as one of the founders of passive investing lets loose on active management.
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