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Equity ETFs Hit New Highs In China Rate Cut

By Cinthia Murphy | November 21, 2014
Stock index and sector funds having a banner day.

Saudis Try Risky Play To Sink US Oil Producers

By Sumit Roy | November 21, 2014
Energy analyst shares his outlook on oil.

3 Keys To Picking China Bond ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | November 21, 2014
First came access to dim sum bonds, then came access to onshore bonds. Now comes your choice.

Lock In Gains On A Chip ETF With Puts

By Scott Nations | November 20, 2014
One investor finds a creative way to protect gains on a high-flying semiconductor ETF.

GLD, The Revolutionary Gold ETF, Turns 10

By Cinthia Murphy | November 18, 2014
GLD’s glorious past decade may not be a prologue for its future.

Women In ETFs: Make Education Relevant

By Rebecca Hampson | November 18, 2014
Women in ETFs spread the word raising matters on education, ETF market growth and the importance of a network.

Winklevoss Bros: Beware Bitcoin ETF Risks

By Cinthia Murphy | November 18, 2014
Investors need to go into a bitcoin ETF with ‘eyes wide open,’ the Winklevoss brothers say.

Edelman: Robo Advisors Don’t Own Future

By Olly Ludwig | November 17, 2014
Robo advisors and ‘old school’ human advisors are likely to share the future in one comprehensive spectrum of services.

3 Things To Know About Cyber ETF ‘HACK’

By Cinthia Murphy | November 17, 2014
Is an ETF with a ticker like 'HACK' as good as it sounds?

F-Squared CEO, Under Scrutiny, Steps Down

By Olly Ludwig | November 14, 2014
Head of the biggest ETF strategist firm resigns amid deepening regulatory scrutiny.

Q3 Gold Mining Output Nears Record Highs

By Sumit Roy | November 13, 2014
There weren't many bright spots for gold in the latest supply and demand figures from the World Gold Council.

A Cheaper Way To Use Pricey VXX Options

By Scott Nations | November 13, 2014
If you’re going to use VXX options, some ways are cheaper than others.

Meredith Whitney: Focus On Infrastructure

By Cinthia Murphy | November 13, 2014
Need for infrastructure is setting the tone in local economies, muni markets and real jobs growth.

Uranium ETF Comes Back From The Dead

By Olly Ludwig | November 11, 2014
The restart of shuttered Japanese nukes breathes life into a moribund global uranium market.

Advisor Views On MLP Funds & Notes

By Cinthia Murphy | November 11, 2014
Straddling fixed income and energy growth is attractive.

Retirement Planning: Millennials vs. Boomers

By Noah Beck, Research Affiliates | November 10, 2014
Who owns an equity-centric portfolio in the morning, a balanced portfolio at noon and a fixed-income portfolio in the evening?

New ETF Structure Takes Another Step Forward

By Paul Britt | November 07, 2014
Nontransparent active ETFs clear another huge SEC hurdle.

Here's The Real Story Why Oil Prices Plunged

By Sumit Roy | November 07, 2014
The U.S. oil boom is one factor of many.

SEC Tentatively OKs New Fund Structure

By Matt Hougan | November 06, 2014
Eaton Vance’s dream of nontransparent active exchange-traded products is coming true.

Bernanke: ‘Inflation Was Never A Risk’

By Heather Bell | November 06, 2014
Bernanke tells Schwab Impact attendees he has no regrets about QE.
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