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Kranefuss Returns To US Market With New ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | September 16, 2014
The ‘father of ETFs’ is helping Source enter the U.S. market.

Health Care ETFs Outpacing Market

By Cinthia Murphy | September 15, 2014
Obamacare is adding fuel to a rally two-plus years in the making.

Tempting Fate With VXX Options

By Scott Nations | September 11, 2014
As if the vagaries of VIX weren’t enough, one options trader is tempting fate by selling VXX puts.

Mackintosh On What Fuels Low-Cost Trading

By Drew Voros | September 11, 2014
Phil Mackintosh, freshly arrived at KCG Holdings from Credit Suisse, discusses his new role, making markets for ETFs, high-frequency trading and much more.

ETF Investors Bracing For Alibaba IPO

By Cinthia Murphy | September 10, 2014
There’s a lot to consider about the Chinese e-commerce giant’s IPO.

New ‘Thematic’ ETF Firm Makes Its Pitch

By Cinthia Murphy | September 10, 2014
Ark Investment Management’s Jane Kanter tells us why the firm’s approach is so compelling.

3 Lessons The US Can Take From Japan

By Cinthia Murphy | September 08, 2014
As the Fed plans its exit strategy, Japan’s recent history can offer some good guidance.

5 Reasons Why Low Vol Will Outperform

By Rachael Revesz | September 05, 2014
It's a bit of mind-bender, but low volatility could keep outperforming broader markets.

ECB Cuts Rates Again To Boost Markets

By Rachael Revesz | September 04, 2014
The European Central Bank action brings further good news for eurozone equities and bonds.

Betting Against Hong Kong With FXI Puts

By Scott Nations | September 04, 2014
With China turning the screws on Hong Kong’s freedom, is it time to buy FXI puts?

SPLV Vs DEF: Different Flavors Of Defense

By Cinthia Murphy | September 04, 2014
For nervous investors bracing for a stock-market pullback, two funds offer real choices.

Direxion Adds To Wave Of ETF Closures

By Heather Bell | September 03, 2014
The firm, best known for its leveraged and inverse funds, will shut down five ‘Bear 3X’ ETFs.

Reasons To Invest In Taiwan Mounting

By Olly Ludwig | September 03, 2014
Amid all nail-biting surrounding the global recovery, tech-heavy Taiwan keeps chugging along.

New ETF Issuer WBI Pulls In $1B-Plus

By Matt Hougan and Olly Ludig | August 29, 2014
Fund issuer surprises with huge money inflow into 10 new funds.

The Great Emerging Markets Rebound

By Cinthia Murphy | August 29, 2014
After 2013’s sell-off, it’s almost a no-brainer that emerging markets are looking attractive.

Selling UUP Calls Into Dollar Strength

By Scott Nations | August 28, 2014
One options trader bets the dollar index’s recent run may be done.

3 Things To Weigh With S&P 500 At 2,000

By Cinthia Murphy | August 27, 2014
Is the S&P 500 reaching the 2,000 milestone cause for celebration?

How To Be Defensive In A Bull Market

By Jared Dillian | August 26, 2014
Be skeptical, not pessimistic, and use hedges.

What ‘Smart Beta’ Means To Us

By Rob Arnott and Engin Kose, Research Affiliates | August 25, 2014
Despite the nomenclature, the real issue is how to best manage investor assets.

Fighting Black Swans In Your Portfolio

By Rachael Revesz | August 22, 2014
A new book explains how you can reduce risk but not heavily dampen returns.
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