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Using ETF Covered Calls To Soften Sell-off

By Hung Tran | April 15, 2014
Covered-call options can make volatile markets less scary, according to one RIA.

Silver Mining ETFs Performing Brightly

By Cinthia Murphy | April 14, 2014
Miners’ return to profitability fuels rebound in beaten-down segment.

Toroso's Venuto: Pick Smart-Beta ETFs Wisely

By Cinthia Murphy | April 14, 2014
Toroso Investment’s Mike Venuto says smart-beta ETFs are great tools, but it all hinges on the market environment.

Kotok On Muni Outperformance (Premium)

By Dennis Hudachek | April 14, 2014
Utilities also attractive to CIO of Cumberland Advisors.

The Definitive Guide To 2014 ETF Taxation

By Dennis Hudachek | April 11, 2014
With the tax filing deadline coming up on April 15, it's important to understand how different ETFs are taxed.

Weekly ETF Returns: 'Momentum' Pullback

By Hung Tran | April 11, 2014
Momentum ETFs, led by TAN, fell last week as investors were in a selling mood.

Weekly ETF Flows: $9.7B Into Equities

By Hung Tran | April 11, 2014
Equity ETFs added $9.7 billion in the past week, but falling markets pulled total assets down to $1.737 trillion.

3 ETF Strategists On ‘Momentum’ Pullback

By Olly Ludwig | April 11, 2014
How should investors think about the beating momentum stocks are taking?

Sliding Momentum ETFs Stoke Broader Fear

By Hung Tran | April 11, 2014
But some investors are shrugging off the short-term momentum sell-off.

UBS, Bloomberg In Commodity-Index Deal

By Cinthia Murphy | April 10, 2014
The change involves index names, and should have little to no impact for ETF investors.

4 Best Emerging Market Bond ETFs YTD

By Cinthia Murphy | April 09, 2014
A few funds stand out as investors are back to looking for value in emerging market bonds.

IPO Market Hot, But IPO ETFs Flagging

By Hung Tran | April 09, 2014
The window may be closing on the white-hot IPO market.

Corporate Debt Sales Raise ETF Questions

By Cinthia Murphy | April 09, 2014
The biggest wave of corporate issuance in years begs the question, Is it good for you?

Faber: Own The Most-Beaten-Down Stocks

By Cinthia Murphy | April 08, 2014
The search for value stocks should and can be global using ETFs, Mebane Faber says.

Merk: Long Euro, Avoid Yen (Premium)

By Dennis Hudachek | April 07, 2014
The decade-old dollar bear market is not coming to an end, and the euro continues to look promising, says Axel Merk.

Structure Matters: Shaiman On SRLN

By Dan Weiskopf | April 03, 2014
Portfolio manager for the SPDR Blackstone / GSO Senior Loan ETF discusses its structure and composition.

3 Bond ETFs That Stood Out In 1st Qtr

By Cinthia Murphy | April 03, 2014
These funds raked in—or bled—massive amounts of money in the first three months of the year.

3 ETFs For Playing Rising Bank Dividends

By Hung Tran | April 03, 2014
Banking ETFs are beating the S&P as their underlying holdings continue to strengthen.

ETF Report: First Lady Of ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | April 03, 2014
ETF Report spoke with the winner of the first-ever Lifetime Achievement Award, Kathleen Moriarty.

Bogle: Tilt To Corporates For More Yield

By Olly Ludwig | April 01, 2014
The world’s most famous indexer says it’s sensible to adjust total bond market indexes away from their heavy government tilts.
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