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Fighting Black Swans In Your Portfolio

By Rachael Revesz | August 22, 2014
A new book explains how you can reduce risk but not heavily dampen returns.

Finding Smart Beta In The Factor Zoo

By Jason Hsu & Vitali Kalesnik, Research Affiliates | August 22, 2014
We’ll gladly bet a simple blend of market, value, low beta and momentum exposures against anyone’s optimized 81-factor portfolio.

Selling Options On Housing Fund XHB

By Scott Nations | August 21, 2014
If the housing sector continues to improve, then selling puts on the homebuilder ETF makes sense.

iShares, Pimco Together Closing 22 ETFs

By Olivier Ludwig | August 18, 2014
iShares decides to put an end to its lineup of target-date ETFs.

Saxo Bank: Germany In Recession By 2015

By Rachael Revesz | August 15, 2014
Germany will be back in the red by the start of next year and Europe is heading towards Japan-style deflation, says Saxo Bank CIO Steen Jakobsen.

Floating Rate Bond ETFs Back In Vogue

By Cinthia Murphy | August 15, 2014
Concerns about higher rates send investors back to floating rate bonds.

Falling Gold Demand Not As Bad As It Looks

By Sumit Roy | August 14, 2014
The WGC reported a 16 percent decrease in gold demand for the second quarter, but a deeper look at the numbers suggests the market is balanced.

ALPS Shutters 4 ETFs For Lack Of Assets

By Olly Ludwig | August 14, 2014
The distributor shuts four ETFs that were perhaps too complicated for their own good.

Shrinking Japan GDP Shifts ETF Outlook

By Hung Tran | August 13, 2014
Currency-hedged Japan ETFs are facing head winds as growth slows, but that’s not the whole story.

3 ETFs Rising With Facebook & Twitter

By Hung Tran | August 13, 2014
But there are also downside risks associated with Internet stocks.

Pimco’s BOND Can Now Use Derivatives

By Cinthia Murphy | August 11, 2014
Gross’ ‘BOND’ may now use derivatives, just like its mutual fund counterpart.

UNG Vs. FCG: Diverging NatGas Story

By Cinthia Murphy | August 11, 2014
Futures-based fund can react differently than equities-based fund when it comes to this energy market.

High Grade Bond, Gold ETFs Last Diversifiers

By Cinthia Murphy | August 11, 2014
Correlations are suddenly rising.

Sharma On The 'New Old' Frontier Markets

By Cinthia Murphy | August 08, 2014
Morgan Stanley emerging markets expert says frontier markets are much like emerging markets were 20 years ago, but that's where the similarities end.

Pricey Put Calls For Brazil Fund Bad Sign

By Scott Nations | August 07, 2014
Here’s a collar option on EWZ that reflects the poor trading sentiment for Brazilian stocks.

Free ETF Robo-Advisor Thinks Small

By Cinthia Murphy | August 07, 2014
WiseBanyan offers free online financial advice, fractional shares and no minimum account balance.

6 ETFs To Play China’s Hot Stock Market

By Hung Tran | August 06, 2014
Reforms in mainland China and an exchange program with Hong Kong bode well for U.S.-based China-focused ETFs.

Nasdaq’s LaValle: Bitcoin ETF A Turning Point

By Cinthia Murphy | August 06, 2014
Proposed fund will be a credibility milestone to the digital currency and the exchange-traded fund industry.

Investors Losing Love For Junk Bond ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | August 06, 2014
Big outflows in July correspond with a downturn in performance.

ETFs & Options: Have No Fear

By Olly Ludwig | August 05, 2014
Rogue traders courting financial disaster in the options markets are yesterday's tale, thanks to ETFs.
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