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Janus To Make Use Of Gross For ETF Push

By Cinthia Murphy | October 24, 2014
By acquiring VelocityShares and hiring Bill Gross, Janus says it’s laying the groundwork for a bigger future in ETFs.  

3 Things To Know About The Fed & QE’s End

By Shehriyar Antia | October 24, 2014
Expect a go-slow approach to interest rates as Fed unwinds quantitative easing.

Is Owning More Equities In Retirement Crazy?

By Cinthia Murphy | October 23, 2014
Conventional wisdom about owning your age in bonds could be falling short in this new era of low rates.

Outflows From China ETFs Could Slow

By Rachael Revesz | October 23, 2014
With China stabilizing, might outflows from China-focused ETFs slow?

Gundlach: Fed Won’t Raise Rates Anytime Soon

By Drew Voros | October 22, 2014
Speakers at Inside Fixed Income also say liquidity a top conference concern.

SEC Denies Precidian Active ETF Request

By Olly Ludwig | October 22, 2014
A brave new world of nontransparent active ETFs, for now, will have to wait.

Good News Hiding In A Scary Oil Chart

By Cinthia Murphy | October 20, 2014
Oil prices are in a slump, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad for you.

Kotok: Why We're Buying Stocks Today

By David Kotok | October 17, 2014
When investors panic, opportunity arises.

Betting On Yields With TLT Put Options

By Scott Nations | October 17, 2014
In a volatile market, one TLT options trader makes an interesting bet on bond yields.

Goldman Sachs In Talks To Acquire IndexIQ

By Staff | October 16, 2014
Looks like Goldman plans to buy its way into the ETF industry.

Malkiel’s 11th ‘Random Walk’ To Mine ETFs

By Olly Ludwig & Heather Bell | October 16, 2014
Indexing legend will explore ETFs more thoroughly in the latest edition of his classic tome.

4 Fears Shadowing Global Markets

By Rachael Revesz | October 16, 2014
The VIX has almost doubled in two months—but what is spooking the markets?

Yields Plummet As Global Economy Teeters

By Cinthia Murphy | October 15, 2014
With the global recovery looking vulnerable, yields are plunging.

PIMCO Outflows Fan Liquidity Fears

By Jared Dillian | October 15, 2014
Volcker Rule has been a game-changer with bond liquidity.

Oil Collapse Highlights ETF Differences

By Cinthia Murphy | October 15, 2014
There’s nothing short of spectacular in oil’s price decline, but different ETF approaches to oil are delivering very different results.

Jitters Over Growth Buoy Treasury ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | October 14, 2014
Global falling yields paint picture of faltering growth, or fears of it.

Janus Buys ETN/ETF Firm VelocityShares

By Olly Ludwig | October 13, 2014
Janus ETP strategy takes shape with VelocityShares acquisition.

Avoid Bonds When Playing Strong Dollar

By Drew Voros | October 13, 2014
Macro thought leader discusses how he approaches today’s financial markets.

The Yield Curve Through Lens Of 3 ETFs

By Olly Ludwig | October 10, 2014
Looking at the yield curve means assessing competing realities.

Gross On Benefits Of Going Unconstrained

By Cinthia Murphy | October 09, 2014
A slowing global economy mired in structural challenges calls for flexibility found in an unconstrained bond fund.
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