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Correction: Schwab, Vanguard Tracking Difference Data Updated

By Analytics | July 23, 2014 strives to provide the most accurate ETF data in the world.

First Investor Redeems OUNZ Shares For Gold

By Cinthia Murphy | July 23, 2014
The physical gold ETF shows that its redeem-for-gold feature is no gimmick.

Oil And NatGas ETFs Buck Seasonal Trend

By Cinthia Murphy | July 23, 2014
The highs summer typically brings to energy prices aren’t quite here this year.

3 ETFs For Hot Chinese Tech Sector

By Hung Tran | July 22, 2014
Three China tech ETFs vie for assets, but which one will end up holding shares of Alibaba?

3 Reasons Israel Is A Good Investment

By Olly Ludwig | July 18, 2014
Israel’s conflicts may have no end, but the country has become a cutting-edge economy with cutting-edge companies.

6 ‘Smart Beta’ ETFs For Earnings Season

By Hung Tran | July 18, 2014
What’s better, an ETF weighted for earnings, or for revenues?

ETF Options: GDX Trader Eyes Ukraine Closely

By Scott Nations | July 17, 2014
Designing an options strategy around gold ETFs is possible, but fraught with risks.

S&P Says No To China A-Shares Inclusion

By Rachael Revesz | July 17, 2014
The world’s largest ETF indexer in assets follows MSCI and says no to mainland Chinese equity inclusion.

Sanctions, Plane Crash Shake Up Russia ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | July 17, 2014
Reaction to Malaysian passenger jet shot down over Ukraine adds to losses of Russian-related funds.

5 Reasons To Invest In Africa

By Rachael Revesz and Olly Ludwig | July 16, 2014
Resource-rich Africa is growing quickly, with low debt levels and a youthful population.

Bollinger: No Stock Top Yet, Gold Tries U-Turn

By Sumit Roy | July 16, 2014
Famous technician shares his market outlook.

Women-Focused Funds Show Return Promise

By Cinthia Murphy | July 16, 2014
When it comes to niche investing, pitfalls abound, but women-focused portfolios are not necessarily one of them.

High Yield Corp Vs. Bank Loans ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | July 15, 2014
Bank loans may be the hot ticket right now, but high-yield corporate bonds are delivering the yields.

Hedge Fund Shorting Treasury Bond ETFs

By Hung Tran | July 15, 2014
'All risk and no reward' in the world of bonds ...

Dillian: The Fed’s Slow Moving Policy Error

By Jared Dillian | July 14, 2014
It’s clear the Fed is in no hurry to raise interest rates, and that’s a mistake.

Betterment CEO: Robo Advisors Prevent Errors

By Cinthia Murphy | July 14, 2014
Jon Stein also says retirees want and like automation as much as millennials.

CME Group & Thomson Reuters Win Bid For Silver Fix

By Rebecca Hampson | July 11, 2014
CME Group will provide the price platform and methodology, and Thomson Reuters will run administration and governance.

Small Caps: S&P 600 Vs. Russell 2000

By Hung Tran | July 11, 2014
Fans of the Russell 2000 Index may want to rethink their loyalty.

ETF Options: An HYG Put-Play Revisited

By Scott Nations | July 10, 2014
With markets pulling back sharply, it’s worth re-examining an options trade that was built on exactly this sort of drop.

World Cup ETF Prize Goes To Argentina

By Cinthia Murphy | July 09, 2014
If ETF returns are any guide to the outcome of soccer’s World Cup, Argentina is heading for the winner’s circle.
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