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Credit Suisse Plans Covered-Call Gold ETN

By Olly Ludwig | January 17, 2013
Credit Suisse serves up a covered-call riff on the physical gold market.

NYSE Pulls ETF Liquidity Plan

By Devon Layne | January 17, 2013

Vanguard’s McNabb: Expect ETF Fees To Drop

By Olly Ludwig | January 17, 2013
Vanguard CEO downplays talk of a 'fee war' in the ETF industry, but makes clear his firm's expense ratios are heading one way, and that is lower.

BlackRock Notches Up Own Securities-Lending Risk

By Paul Amery | January 16, 2013
Fund manager offers insurer-of-last-resort facility to more securities-lending clients—but at what cost and whose risk?

Stock-Picking Dorsey ETF 'PDP' Gathers Steam

By Paul Britt | January 16, 2013
PDP, Tom Dorsey’s relative-strength strategy in an ETF wrapper, is gaining ground with investors.

Schwab Q4 Net Up 29%, ETF Assets Up 72%

By Cinthia Murphy | January 16, 2013
Regarding ETF flows, it sure looks like Schwab’s fee cuts are making a difference.

Precious Metals ETFs Shine Despite A Down Market

By Devon Layne | January 16, 2013

PowerShares Dorsey Wright ETFs Reach $1B

By Olly Ludwig | January 15, 2013
PowerShares touts assets and performance of PDP and other Dorsey Wright-linked ETFs.

Taking On Goliath

By Rebecca Hampson | January 15, 2013
Is there anyone out there who can compete with BlackRock?

iShares Presents ETF Fees In A New Way

By Cinthia Murphy and Olly Ludwig | January 15, 2013
iShares looks to present the nuances of ETF prices on its website.

Turk: Central Banks Losing War On Gold

By Drew Voros | January 15, 2013
Founder of bullion-dealer GoldMoney says reserve banks know rising gold prices are a reflection of their failed policies.

Global X Launches Junior MLP ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | January 15, 2013
The latest addition to the MLP ETF space focuses on small-caps.

iShares Plans Risk, Value MSCI-Linked ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | January 15, 2013
iShares looks to add two factor-based ETFs to its product lineup.

FINRA Singles Out ETPs For Focus In 2013

By Olly Ludwig | January 14, 2013
FINRA puts ETPs on its list of concerns to address in 2013, but it’s the bond market that dominates its worries.

Ex-CEO: iShares Needs Competition

By Paul Amery | January 14, 2013
Owners of marginal ETF businesses should consider selling now, rather than hoping for a windfall, says former head of iShares.

UNL Trades At Premium On Creation Halt

By Cinthia Murphy | January 11, 2013
UNL, saddled with closed creations for a spell, suddenly looks like a closed-end fund.

Sky’s The Limit For DXJ With Japan QE Plan

By Cinthia Murphy | January 11, 2013
With ‘QE-infinity’ on the table in Japan, currency-hedged ETFs like DXJ are dressed for success.

Preferred Stock ETF With 6% Yield Eyes Post-Crisis High

By Devon Layne | January 11, 2013

EEM Shorts Dropped 23% In December

January 11, 2013
A drop in EEM shorts last month betrayed a risk-on bullishness, even as ‘fiscal-cliff’ talks stalled.
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