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Gartman: Buying Gold, But Not A Gold Bug

By Cinthia Murphy and Olly Ludwig | October 10, 2012
Let the bullish gold trend be your friend, but don’t go turning into a gold bug, Gartman says.

Schiff Appears Today At Inside Commodities

By Olly Ludwig | October 10, 2012
Schiff to bring his heated critique of the Fed to Inside Commodities conference.

FlexShares Lists MINT-Like Bond ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | October 09, 2012
FlexShares takes on other money-market proxies such as Pimco's MINT with the launch of its first active ETF.

SSgA’s Mazza: ETFs For Inflation & Income

By Cinthia Murphy | October 09, 2012
Fighting inflation and getting income at the same time is necessary now and totally doable with ETFs, SSgA’s Mazza says.

Low-Vol Can Be Volatile

By Paul Amery | October 09, 2012
The past risk of equity market sectors may be no guide to what's next.

Sept. ETF Short Report: IYR Shorts Spike 40%

October 09, 2012
Are traders playing different pockets of the REIT ETF universe off each other?

Schwab Study: ETFs Are Here To Stay

By Olly Ludwig | October 08, 2012
Investors need to know more about ETFs, and that’s because they want to use them more, Schwab says.

Casey Research’s Clark: QE3 Springloading Gold

By Drew Voros | October 08, 2012
Precious metals analyst Jeff Clark says financial consequences of dollar debasing haven’t hit home yet, but will in the form of double-digit inflation, and will push gold and silver much higher.

Russell Shuts LWPE, SCTR Early

By Cinthia Murphy | October 05, 2012

Russell’s O’Keeffe: The Vanguard Deja Vu

By Cinthia Murphy | October 05, 2012
What Vanguard did this week sounds terribly exciting but, truth be told, it’s all happened before, Russell Indices’ O’Keeffe said.

Trading At The Margin

By Paul Amery | October 05, 2012
Corporate bond ETFs interact with the wider market in only a small number of bonds, causing distortions and raising liquidity concerns.

Inflation Talk Rife At Morningstar Meeting

By Cinthia Murphy | October 05, 2012
With the latest round of easy money from the Fed, inflation concerns are mounting.

Vanguard Deal A Splashy First For CRSP

By Olly Ludwig and Cinthia Murphy | October 04, 2012
CRSP’s indexing deal with Vanguard may be a first, but the venerable group is ready for its close-up.

IndexIQ Launches ‘Neutral’ Hedge Fund ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | October 04, 2012
IndexIQ serves up its latest hedge fund replication ETF, this one a market-neutral fund.

IndexIQ To List Hedge Fund ETF Thursday

By Cinthia Murphy | October 03, 2012
The latest addition to hedge fund replication strategies is a market-neutral ETF that should debut on Oct. 4.

Lippo Targets Hong Kong For First ETF Listing

By Staff | October 02, 2012
Asian ETF listings dwindle in September, but Hong Kong sees a brand new entrant to the market from Indonesia’s Lippo Group.

Vanguard To Drop MSCI Index On VWO

By Olly Ludwig and Cinthia Murphy | October 02, 2012
Vanguard decides to shift to a FTSE index on VWO, the biggest emerging markets ETF in the world.

Silver ETFs Shined Bright In 3Q 2012

By Cinthia Murphy | October 01, 2012
Quantitative easing fuels a market-leading silver rally in ETFs.

Video: Bill Gross At Inside Fixed Income

By Olly Ludwig | October 01, 2012
Bill Gross does some hard selling on BOND’s behalf at IndexUniverse’s Inside Fixed Income conference.

SPIVA: Passive Reigns As Of First-Half 2012

By Olly Ludwig | October 01, 2012
Active managers have yet to prove their worth in the U.S. equities space.
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