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Arnott Drops Patent Suit Against WisdomTree

By Olly Ludwig | November 08, 2012
Arnott throws in the towel on its 'fundamental indexing' suit against WisdomTree, but will pay $700,000 to do so.

S&P’s Rosenbluth: ETF Fee War Is Good

By Olly Ludwig | November 08, 2012
A rising tide makes winners of all the combatants in the ETF industry’s burgeoning fee wars, S&P’s Rosenbluth says.

Market Looks Past Election To Fiscal Cliff

By Cinthia Murphy and Olly Ludwig | November 07, 2012
A worried market lets everyone know that the election is yesterday’s news.

China’s Capital Question

By Staff | November 07, 2012
Corporate governance concerns mean foreign investors are treating China's relaxation of capital controls with scepticism.

Pyxis Challenges BKLN With Senior Loan ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | November 07, 2012
After a Hurricane Sandy-related launch delay, Pyxis rolls out its first ETF, a senior loan fund that takes on PowerShares.

WisdomTree Expands ETF Monthly Payout List

By Olly Ludwig | November 06, 2012
All of WisdomTree's U.S. dividend funds now distribute their income every month.

SSgA’s Mazza: GLD Easiest Gold To Trade

By Drew Voros | November 06, 2012
SSgA investment strategist and a principal behind GLD talks about how the ETF has made gold a growing and necessary staple in portfolios.

European ETF Trading Slows, Assets Growing

By Rebecca Hampson | November 06, 2012
ETF trading may have slowed in October, but the assets kept rolling in.

Global X Plans High-Div/Low-Vol ETF

By Cinthia Murphy | November 05, 2012
Global X looks to tap into the dividend trend and the low-volatility trend with one ETF.

Van Eck Plans Defaulted Bond ETF

By Olly Ludwig | November 05, 2012
The search for yield appears to be drilling into darker and darker corners of the bond market.

Stifel To Buy KBW For Cash And Stock

By Olly Ludwig | November 05, 2012
Stifel plans to buy KBW, which produces indexes used in a number of ETFs.

‘Decision 2012’ Through An ETF Lens

By Cinthia Murphy | November 02, 2012
As ETF investors wonder who will win the presidential election, taxes loom largely.

Latest SSgA Active ETFs Nearing Launch

By Cinthia Murphy | November 01, 2012
Next up, more active ETFs from State Street Global Advisors.

Knight Has Generator Power, ETF Trade OK

By Olly Ludwig | October 29, 2012
Knight is back up after its power outage—even if the ETF market barely blinked.

Knight Stumbles, ETF Spreads Carry On

By Dave Nadig | October 31, 2012
Did Knight's backup failure spook ETF trading? Only if you're very, very easily spooked by toddlers.

Nasdaq’s Jacobs: Mergent Deal Just One Step

By Cinthia Murphy | October 31, 2012
In the hyper-competitive world of indexing, Nasdaq looks to cast a bigger shadow, Jacobs says.

CoreOne’s Flatley: Vanguard Stirred The Pot

By Cinthia Murphy | October 31, 2012
Vanguard’s decision to drop 22 MSCI benchmarks signals that the future for indexing firms just got tougher, CoreOne’s Flatley says.

MSCI To Buy Real Estate Indexing Firm

By Rebecca Hampson | October 31, 2012

Nasdaq To Buy Mergent Dividend Indexes

By Cinthia Murphy | October 31, 2012
Nasdaq bets big with the planned acquisition of the Dividend Achievers indexing franchise.

ProShares Looks To Self-Index ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | October 30, 2012
ProShares joins a growing number of ETF firms looking to self-index.
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