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Barclays To Redeem S&P 500 ETN 'BXDC'

By Olly Ludwig | January 04, 2013
Barclays will redeem the inverse S&P 500 ETN ‘BXDC’ after its price fell to a $10 threshold.

VIX ETPs Tanked In 2012, But That’s Good

By Olly Ludwig | January 04, 2013
In the wreckage of 2012 VIX ETP returns, the seeds of a bullish case for equities are plain as day.

iPath, Joining A Crowd, Launches MLP ETN

By Olly Ludwig | January 04, 2013
iPath jumps into a crowded and yield-rich field with its own MLP ETN.

2012 Was Forgettable For These Emerging Market ETFs

By Devon Layne | January 04, 2013

Three ETFs For The January Effect

By Devon Layne | January 03, 2013

Vanguard Index Changes Not Hurting Flows

By Dave Nadig | January 03, 2013
Vanguard sure upset the apple cart this past fall with its plans for so many index changes. Or did it?

US ETF Inflows Hit A Record $188B In 2012

By Olly Ludwig | January 02, 2013
ETF flows hit a record, as the virtues of the ETF wrapper continue to gain traction.

Weaker Yen Gives Japanese Equity ETFs A Chance In 2013

By Devon Layne | January 02, 2013

VelocityShares Shuts 4 ETNs With Low Assets

By Olly Ludwig | December 31, 2012
VelocityShares adds to a record year of ETP closures with the shuttering of four ETNs focused on copper and palladium.

Complete Guide To 2012 Cap Gain Payouts

By Olly Ludwig, Cinthia Murphy and Cory Banks | December 31, 2012
Equity ETFs did a fine job of steering clear of cap gains payouts this year, but bond funds much less so.

Year-End Capital Markets Forecast

By Jason Hsu | December 31, 2012
Remember, forecasts come in only two flavors—lucky or wrong.

iShares: Fees On 40 ETFs Won't Be Rising

By Olly Ludwig | December 31, 2012
Is iShares really saying it’s raising expense ratios on 40 ETFs in 2013? Apparently not.

Vanguard Cuts Fees On Another 11 ETFs

By Cinthia Murphy | December 28, 2012
Vanguard keeps downward pressure on fund fees by cutting expense ratios on another 11 ETFs.

Country ETFs Pepper 2012’s Top-Funds List

By Cinthia Murphy and Olly Ludwig | December 28, 2012
Investors are loosening their grip on Treasurys and wagering on lands far and wide outside the U.S.

5 ETFs To Watch (But Not Buy) In 2013

By Devon Layne | December 28, 2012

Three Types Of Low-Volatility ETFs

By Devon Layne | December 28, 2012

Asian Central Banks Could Impact These ETFs In 2013

By Devon Layne | December 28, 2012

Pimco Sets Cap Gains On 14 Of 19 ETFs

By Olly Ludwig | December 28, 2012
Pimco’s cap gains payouts no surprise given rising bond markets in 2012.
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