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Emerging Markets: High Growth, Low Return?

By Cris Sholto Heaton | March 09, 2010
Is a high economic growth rate a good reason to invest in emerging markets?

Quake Does Little To Change Chile Outlook

By Olivier Ludwig | March 05, 2010
News headlines on Chile these days rightly focus on one of the biggest earthquakes in a century, but the far-away South American country’s economy of wine and copper isn’t likely to be derailed by the human suffering unfolding there now.

Mexico: Better Than Brazil?

By Lara Crigger | March 04, 2010
Why the markets south of the border shouldn't be overlooked.

ETFs At Center Of Nuclear Renaissance

By Cinthia Murphy | March 03, 2010
With oil prices on the rise again and concern about climate change mounting, ETFs are emerging as the "it" security in what could be a new nuclear age.

Kotok Vs. Gartman: Fight! [Podcast]

By Staff | March 02, 2010
Dave Nadig and Matt Hougan take sides on the euro and look for the best ways to play.

Euro’s Slide Puts Focus On Currency ETFs

By Heather Bell | March 02, 2010
Choosing the right ETF as euro keeps sliding.

Searching For Yield

By Paul Amery | February 23, 2010
With decent bond yields hard to find in most developed markets, is it time for investors to start thinking about equities?

China: Best Play Of The Year?

By Daniel Harrison | February 17, 2010
Chinese markets have taken a hit recently, but not all parts of the market have suffered equally. With ETFs, you can hone your focus.

Navigating Emerging Markets

By Cris Sholto Heaton | February 11, 2010
What investors can expect from emerging market ETFs and how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Adviser Perspective: Taking MPT To The Next Level

By Robert Dubois | February 09, 2010
Investors who build their portfolios on the back of modern portfolio theory overlook the most fundamental aspects of portfolio construction.

CNBC: Hougan On GLD, TIP And More

By Staff | February 08, 2010
CNBC's Bob Pisani and's Matt Hougan discuss what's moving in the ETF market, including gold, bonds, leveraged ETFs and more.

Navigating Emerging Markets

February 08, 2010
Cris Sholto Heaton takes a look at what to expect from emerging market ETFs and how to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A Lost & New Decade, Part II

By John Serrapere | February 03, 2010
The sequel to the Active Indexer's query: In which areas will investors find strength for this new decade?

Adviser Perspective: The Importance Of Exit Points

By Robert Dubois | February 03, 2010
Are you driving without brakes? An argument against pure, passive buy-and-hold investing.

Hedging Your Bets

By Paul Amery | February 02, 2010
How does the proposed new hedge fund ETF from Marshall Wace work? And will 2010 see continued inflows into funds of this type?

A Lost & New Decade, Part I

By John Serrapere | January 29, 2010
The last decade was tough, and the next one may not be much rosier. Where should you look for strength today?

A Turbulent Age

By Paul Amery | January 28, 2010
What lessons can be learned in terms of passive investing from the last decade?

A Turbulent Age

By Paul Amery | January 27, 2010
There is no doubt that the last decade will be remembered as one of the most interesting in financial history. But what lessons can be learnt in terms of passive investing?

What Now: iShares In The BlackRock Era

By Helen Fowler | January 22, 2010
Now that the acquisition is complete, what does the BlackRock deal really mean for the future of the iShares franchise?

Striving For Scale

By Helen Fowler | January 22, 2010
What were the strategic considerations behind BlackRock’s purchase of Barclays Global Investors, and what are the implications for both passive and active management firms?
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