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By Cinthia Murphy | May 02, 2016

When it comes to smart beta or quasi-active investing, your time horizon may be the most important factor to consider.

By Sumit Roy | May 02, 2016

USMV becomes flows leader for 2016.

By Trevor Hunnicutt | April 29, 2016

Gary Gastineau calls for tougher scrutiny of new products.

By Sumit Roy | April 29, 2016

We take a look at the two spin-off exchange-traded funds on the market.

By Cinthia Murphy | April 28, 2016

Both track Sabrient indexes, but ultimately deliver very different outcomes.

By Lindsay Dunsmuir | April 27, 2016

Moderation of U.S. recovery tempers outlook for increases.

By Sumit Roy | April 27, 2016

Bond fund manager discusses how investors should position themselves ahead of more rate hikes later this year.

By Cinthia Murphy | April 26, 2016

The Saudi Prince’s ambitious plans for economic change could broaden investor access.

By Sumit Roy | April 26, 2016

Invesco PowerShares’ Jason Bloom discusses the outlook for commodity ETFs.

By Jim Wiandt | April 26, 2016

Iran is a bright spot, but Saudi Arabia is key.

By Drew Voros | April 26, 2016

Convergex puts out a list of key stats from the financial markets over the last decade.

By Rob Arnott | April 25, 2016

Is now the time to rotate into real-return-oriented diversifiers and value strategies?

By Cinthia Murphy | April 25, 2016

One financial advisor sees a wave of inflation coming, and he'll use the yellow metal to ride it out.

By Heather Bell | April 22, 2016

Janus’ Nick Cherney discusses how the active manager is tackling smart beta from a different angle.

By Sumit Roy | April 22, 2016

Far from delivering alpha, these hedge fund ETFs are lagging the broader markets.

By Cinthia Murphy | April 21, 2016

Here’s an explanation of the differences between the two.

By Matt Hougan | April 21, 2016

Lyxor and MSCI also capture top honors.

By Cinthia Murphy | April 21, 2016

Legg Mason's take on emerging markets is leaving well-established competitors in the dust.

By Sumit Roy | April 20, 2016

The gray metal is doing even better than gold.

By Sumit Roy | April 19, 2016
Certain energy ETFs are doing better than others as U.S. oil production dips to the lowest point since October 2014.



The largest gold miners ETF lost assets on Thursday, April 28.

BlackRock's ETF assets gained $859 million on Thursday, April 28.


By Drew Voros

With the broad equity ideas all taken, issuers look for thinner slices of exposure.

By David Lichtblau

How funds wash away capital gains through create/redeem process.

By Dave Nadig

End investors are the big winners; brokers—not so much.

By Dave Nadig

ETF industry petitions the SEC for market microstructure changes.


By Sprott Asset Management

New fund’s underlying index targets equities sentiment on social media.

By Kristi Kuechler

Avoid taking unrewarded—or unintended—risks.

By Vanguard

The investing giant outlines its expectations for the markets and global economy in 2016.