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First Trust: Active Bank Loan ETFs Superior

By Hung Tran | August 21, 2013
Bank loan funds are wise; active bank loan funds are wiser, First Trust’s Bill Housey says.

Speculative Shorts Caused Gold Plunge

By Sumit Roy | August 20, 2013
World Gold Council’s managing director of investment discusses what fueled gold’s price correction, as well as the outlook for the yellow metal.

Moody’s: US GDP At 3% By 2014

By Cinthia Murphy | August 12, 2013
Housing will play a pivotal role in getting jobs and GDP growth on track.

Chanin: Small-Cap Miners Can Be Diamonds

By Hannah Tool | August 08, 2013
PureFunds COO Andrew Chanin talks life-cycle investing, equity plays on commodities and MSXX’s hefty first-quarter distribution.

William Bernstein: Be Open To New Factor Tilts

By Olly Ludwig | July 02, 2013
In the hurly-burly of a transition to a post-Fed world, stay focused on timeless asset allocation discipline and on truly new ideas in the realm of factor-based investing, Bill Bernstein says.

Jim Rogers: I Bought More Gold Today

By Sumit Roy | June 24, 2013
The investment guru gives his latest views on commodities, including gold and oil.

Shiller: Housing Rebound Could Be Flaky

By Olly Ludwig | June 12, 2013
It’s true that home prices have been rising in the past year, but the post-crisis housing market is different than before, Yale’s Shiller says.

Good Harbor's Peplinski: Rate-Rise Primer

By Cinthia Murphy | May 30, 2013
Rates will rise, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to panic, Good Harbor’s Neil Peplinski says.

Gartman Bullish On Gold, But With A Caveat

By Sumit Roy | March 27, 2013
The investment guru is bullish on gold, but not in dollar terms.

Malkiel: Dividend & EM Bond ETFs Place To Be

By Olly Ludwig | March 21, 2013
Investors need to brace for the possibility that bonds will be disappointing, even dangerous in the coming years, Burton Malkiel says.

Malkiel Preps Wealthfront For Bond Bust

By Olly Ludwig | March 05, 2013
Malkiel gets Wealthfront’s ‘algo’ braced for a bond market meltdown.

Thomas: FlexShares Eyes Dividend Space

By Olly Ludwig | March 05, 2013
Listening closely to what clients are thinking might be the best ETF-idea incubator of all, FlexShares’ Shundrawn Thomas says.

Axel Merk: Yen Faces Long-Term Trouble

By Dennis Hudachek | February 27, 2013
Axel Merk takes measure of a sinking yen and strengthening euro.

Schiff: Anatomy Of An Economic Train Wreck

By Olly Ludwig | February 27, 2013
With talk of interest rates rising, the real scope of the economic challenge ahead is being laid bare, and it isn’t pretty, Peter Schiff says.

Belden: BulletShares Can Take On iShares

By Olly Ludwig | February 26, 2013
With iShares planning to launch its own lineup of target-maturity bond funds, Guggenheim gets set to defend its BulletShares franchise.

Colas: US Economy In True Uptrend

By Olly Ludwig | February 22, 2013
It could all still fall apart, but for now the U.S. economy seems to be on the right track, ConvergEx’s Nicholas Colas says.

Gartman: US Fracking Reserves Huge

By Olly Ludwig | February 21, 2013
Publisher of The Gartman Letter is bullish on oil fracking operations—but skeptical of California's budget balancing plans.

Cucchiaro: Go Broad, Own Shorter Bonds

By Cinthia Murphy | February 20, 2013
Today’s risk-on/risk-off environment calls for broad asset allocation, Windhaven’s Cucchiaro says.

Siracusano: Fundamental Indexing Not Niche

By Cinthia Murphy | February 19, 2013
WisdomTree’s CIO argues that the days of market-capitalization-weighted indexing might very well be over.

James Grant: Short LQD Before Bonds Fall

By Olly Ludwig | February 14, 2013
The bond market will melt down, and shorting LQD looms large as a way to play it, James Grant says.
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