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Monthly ETF Flows

ETFs Add $27B In Oct., Mostly US-Focused

By Olly Ludwig | November 03, 2014
Flows into ETFs totaled almost $27 billion in October, as 2013's asset-gathering record looks beatable.

ETFs Collect $17B In Sept., $50B In Q3

By Olly Ludwig | October 01, 2014
ETF asset-gathering continued apace last month, even if falling equities pulled assets lower.

US ETFs Hauled In $15B Flows In August

By Olly Ludwig | September 02, 2014
Last year's record asset haul looks less likely, even as investors kept plowing money into ETFs in August.

Market Dip Pulls ETF Assets Down In July

By Olly Ludwig | August 01, 2014
ETFs kept on gathering new inflows in July, but jittery markets pulled assets lower.

ETFs Hauled In $25B In June

By Olly Ludwig | July 02, 2014
More than a third of 2014's ETF inflows were in the month of June alone.

Drop In Yields Fuels Bond ETF Inflows In May

By Olly Ludwig and Cinthia Murphy | June 02, 2014
Bond ETFs and European equities loomed large, as inflation fears waned and deflation fears flared.

April Flows: Emerging Market ETFs Shine

By Cinthia Murphy | May 01, 2014
Investor appetite for risk seems to have returned in April.

Vanguard Utterly Dominates Q1 ETF Flows

By Olly Ludwig | April 01, 2014
The house that Bogle built crushed its competition with massive first-quarter ETF inflows.

Risk-On Feb. As ETF Assets Reach Record

By Olly Ludwig | March 03, 2014
ETF assets reached a record in February as markets rediscovered their post-crash appetite for risk assets.

Equity ETFs Lead $15.3B Outflows In Jan

By Cinthia Murphy | February 03, 2014
Risk-off trades meant investors had a taste for Treasurys at the expense of equity funds last month.

ETF Flows On Pace To Break Record

By Cinthia Murphy | December 02, 2013
Equity ETFs led November flows yet again.

Equity ETFs Lead October $26B ETF Inflows

By Cinthia Murphy | November 01, 2013
ETF investors took on risk in October, even if that sentiment tailed off a bit late in the month.

$32B Flows Into ETFs In Sept., $56B In Q3

By Cinthia Murphy | October 01, 2013
With its decision to hold off on tapering QE, the Fed unleashed risk-on sentiment in September.

August ETF Flows: Bonds Fuel Outflows

September 03, 2013
From an ETF outflows perspective, August was as bad as it’s ever been.

July ETF Flows $41B, 2012 Mark In Sight

By Olly Ludwig | July 31, 2013
A sizable $40 billion flowed into U.S. ETFs in July, following a crazy month of record outflows.

Record $12B ETF Outflows In June 2013

By Olly Ludwig | June 27, 2013
ETF flows turned negative in June—and with a record-setting, Fed-related vengeance.

May ETF Flows: Into DXJ; Out Of GLD, EEM

By Olly Ludwig | June 03, 2013
Japan funds kept hauling in assets in May, while gold and emerging markets slipped.

April ETF Flows: GLD Assets Drop 18.8%

By Olly Ludwig | May 01, 2013
GLD lost almost 19 percent of its assets in April, as gold prices fell and the 12-year gold rally lost its way.

Q1 Global ETF Flows Top $70B, DXJ Stars

By Olly Ludwig | April 01, 2013
DXJ, the currency-hedged Japan ETF, has stolen the show so far in 2013.

Feb. ETF Flows: DXJ Leads; GLD Bleeds

By Olly Ludwig | March 01, 2013
The yen's slide fueled the ongoing popularity of the currency-hedged Japan fund, DXJ.
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