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ETF Market Intel: Thailand Weighs Rate Cut

By Spencer Bogart | April 22, 2014
Political unrest, rather than the economy, has weighed on the single-country fund.

ETF Market Intel: Investing In Gold Miners Different Than Gold

By Spencer Bogart | April 21, 2014
Gold mining ETF performance does not correlate with bullion prices.

ETF Market Intel: Earnings Tilt Paying Off

By Spencer Bogart | April 17, 2014
Funds weighted by earnings outperforming cap-weighted ETFs.

ETF Market Intel: Gauging The Tech Sell-off

By Spencer Bogart | April 16, 2014
Despite the selloff, valuations say it's still too soon for bargain hunters.

ETF Market Intel: Calling Draghi’s Bluff

By Spencer Bogart | April 15, 2014
Plenty of ETF options exist when it comes to playing the euro’s next move.

ETF Market Intel: The Most Richly Valued ETFs

By Spencer Bogart | April 14, 2014
Most expensive part of the ETF market loses money.

ETF Market Intel: Why China ETF Returns Can Differ

By Spencer Bogart | April 11, 2014
News about a change in China and Hong Kong trading ETFs funds differently.

ETF Market Intel: Perils Of Leveraged ETFs

By Spencer Bogart | April 10, 2014
Figuring returns not the simple multiplication it may seem.

ETF Market Intel: Capturing Japan In An ETF

By Spencer Bogart | April 09, 2014
It’s all about where the yen is moving.

ETF Market Intel: Hot 'Smart Beta' ETFs

By Spencer Bogart | April 08, 2014
Here are some noncap-weighted funds that are outperforming.

Kuwait Weighting To Jump In Frontier ETF

By Olly Ludwig | April 07, 2014
Kuwait’s place in ‘FM’ will jump next month, but not as much as feared.

ETF Market Intel: America’s Riskiest ETFs

By Spencer Bogart | April 07, 2014
Here are the most volatile funds in the last 90 days.

ETF Market Intel: Financial ETFs To Watch

By Spencer Bogart | April 04, 2014
Rising interest rates a good thing for some financial funds.

ETF Market Intel: New Active ETF Whips Peers

By Spencer Bogart | April 03, 2014
First Trust’s new active commodity fund outperforming.

ETF Market Intel: Worst ETF Plays Of March

By Spencer Bogart | April 02, 2014
High-flying sectors like biotech and social media come back to Earth.

Pimco’s BOND Still Bleeding Assets

By Cinthia Murphy | April 02, 2014
BOND’s big bleed continues, as worries about rising rates and tapering play out.

ETF Market Intel: Hottest ETFs Of March

By Spencer Bogart | April 01, 2014
India-related funds dominate best performers last month.

ETF Market Intel: Intermediate T-Notes Moving

By Spencer Bogart | March 31, 2014
Yellen’s comments on interest-rates market mover of the month.

ETF Market Intel: Inflation-Fighting ETFs

By Spencer Bogart | March 27, 2014
Not all prices rise in unison.

iShares Closes 10 Int’l Sector ETFs

By Hung Tran | March 26, 2014
The world’s biggest ETF company completes the shutting down of 10 funds.
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