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Searching For A New Investment Paradigm

By Philip N. Lawton, Research Affiliates | May 16, 2013
While the industry awaits a new synthesis, investors stand to profit from unexploited opportunities.

Financial Repression: Why It Matters

By Shane Shepherd | April 29, 2013
Why it's key to adjust your expectations to the new economic environment.

The Lure Of Hedge Funds

April 18, 2013
A more diversified roster of liquid asset classes could move investors toward better returns than hoped-for hedge fund alpha.

Does Blame Predict Performance?

March 27, 2013
Avoiding investment organizations with a culture of blame may be advisable, as they are likely very bad at statistics.

Wait For Your Pitch In Today’s Market

February 28, 2013
Investors would be wise to bank some of their outsized 2012 gains.

Truth Vs. Ignorance: The Impactful Investment Manager Of Tomorrow

By Katrina Sherrerd | January 25, 2013
Pursuing knowledge won’t always lead to superior investment performance, but it’s better than making decisions from ignorance.

Year-End Capital Markets Forecast

By Jason Hsu | December 31, 2012
Remember, forecasts come in only two flavors—lucky or wrong.

1% ... The New Normal Growth Rate?

By Chris Brightman | November 16, 2012
Unless we change our policies to encourage immigration, employment and investment, our new normal growth rate will be 1%.

Eggs Not Enough: The Truth About Diversification

October 22, 2012
Investors need to ensure they shift their asset allocation as regimes change.

Arnott: The Glidepath Illusion

By Rob Arnott | September 25, 2012
No strategy can make up for inadequate savings or premature retirement.

Tomatoes And The Low-Vol Effect

August 28, 2012
How relative and absolute risk investors can improve the structure of their equity portfolios.

Why We Don’t Rebalance

By Jason Hsu | July 24, 2012
Why investors are poorly suited for managing long-term returns.

Playing Against The House

By Shane Shepherd | June 26, 2012
Rather than passively play the house’s game, investors need to take certain steps to tilt the odds back in their favor.

Arnott: Institutionalizing Courage

May 31, 2012
Investors need courage to stick with the profitable strategy through both the good times and the bad.

The Newlywed’s Dilemma

By John West | April 25, 2012
As investors look to change priorities with relatively constrained risk budgets, low-volatility equities could help ease the transition.

Should You Be Concerned About The US Government Debt?

By Jason Hsu | March 29, 2012
Gaining perspective on the consequences of high government debt levels.

Dirt Economics: Demographics Matter!

By Shane Shepherd | February 29, 2012
Adding a third ‘pillar’ of inflation protection can strengthen investors’ attempts to avoid a future of diminishing prosperity.

A Slippery Year For Excess Returns

By John West | February 01, 2012
Failures of a few can have dramatic impact on the survivors’ ability to deliver handsome profits and excess returns.

Arnott: Inevitabilities - One Down, More To Come

By Rob Arnott | August 09, 2011
The S&P downgrade was the first of a number of 'inevitabilities' for the world's largest economy.

Arnott: 'Little Things Make Big Things Happen'

February 28, 2011
There's no room for error in an era of 5 percent projected long-term equity returns.
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