Record Outflows For Ether Funds

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Johannesburg Stock Exchange Rejects Bitcoin ETF

In justifying its rejection of the latest proposal by Sygnia, JSE cites 'lack of a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.'

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How To Buy A Bitcoin ETF

More than a dozen bitcoin ETFs are listed globally, but none in the US.

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UK Regulator Under Pressure To Rethink Crypto Stance

The Financial Conduct Authority will be under pressure to reexamine its stance on cryptocurrency exchange-traded products.

US Bitcoin ETF Update: 8 Filings Circle

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Battle Brewing Among 1st North American Ether ETFs

A price war has already erupted between Canada’s new ether ETFs.

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2nd Litecoin ETP Set To Launch

Fund debuts April 14, a week after its Swiss predecessor.

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ETFs Await Coinbase IPO, Bitcoin Proxy

Cryptomarket capitalization tops $2 trillion.

How Bitcoin’s Latest Plunge Compares To Other Sell-Offs

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Bitcoin Market Value Rivals Biggest Stocks

Bitcoin is now more valuable than Facebook, but still trails Google.

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Bitcoin Under ESG Scrutiny

What is the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining?

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Charlie Munger Calls Bitcoin 'Disgusting & Contrary To The Interests Of Civilization'

The Berkshire Hathaway vice chairman has long criticized bitcoin for its extreme volatility and lack of regulation.