Sr. Finance Reporter

Hybrid is looking for a Senior Finance Reporter to join our growing Editorial team. The goal of this role is to produce daily content for, with an emphasis on coverage of major ETF industry players. The position will also be responsible for covering breaking news stories and proactively pitching story ideas during morning meetings.

The ideal candidate has a strong writing/journalistic background and a proven track record of reporting for publications that cover the finance sector. The right person will also be adept at drilling into company filings and extracting information from disclosures that could have broader significance. The ideal candidate will also be able to distill news stories from charts, reports, surveys, and other data sources.

The person must have a keen eye for news and the ability to write quickly and accurately about business and financial developments, as well as process and digest data and analytics to turn them into interesting stories. Two to three years of experience covering finance or ETFs is strongly preferred. The ideal reporter for this role would not only be interested in writing articles, but also in producing multimedia content, from podcasts to video interviews.

This is an opportunity to write industry-leading news stories for the global authority in the $10-trillion-dollar ETF industry.


  • 7+ years’ experience as a financial journalist is strongly preferred
  • Write high quality, concise ETF-related stories under hard deadlines
  • Experience with multimedia content, i.e., video and podcast hosting a plus
  • Follow ETF & overall financial market news
  • Pitch original story ideas on a daily basis to editors
  • Collaborate with the editorial team on all content products (site, newsletters, podcasts, etc.)
  • Create multimedia content like video interviews, social posts, podcasts, and more
  • Moderate panel conversations, participate in industry events
  • Use analytics and data tools to track and optimize story performance


  • Strong writer, financial markets experience required
  • Passion for finance and markets
  • Basic understanding of ETFs strongly preferred
  • Capacity for working independently and with minimal direction
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Experience optimizing content for SEO & tagging stories
  • Ability to prioritize and manage multiple deadlines simultaneously

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