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Weekly ETF Fund Flows: VXX Leads & Bleeds

VXX pulled in assets last week, but that didn’t stop it from being one of the biggest losers.

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McCall’s Call: Japan Crisis Favors Gas ETFs

Beyond the troubling nuclear aftermath to Japan’s disaster, gas looms largely.

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US Commodity Launches Contango-Killer ETF

U.S. Commodity Funds rolls out its long-awaited diversified fund that has contango damage control at the center of its strategy.

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Rondeau’s Roundup: Could UNG’s Price Finally Be Stabilizing?

It may be an odd time to point it out, what with concerns about the global economy spiking, but IndexUniverse.com’s technicals columnist says the charts on UNG—the commodities ETF based on NYMEX gas futures—suggest prices may be nearing the end of a two-year slide.

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Teucrium Corn ETF Sprouts On NYSE

The Teucrium Corn Fund, an ETF that tracks three separate Chicago Board of Trade corn futures contracts, making it the first to offer investors pure exposure to the grain, began trading today, Brattleboro, Vt.-based Teucrium Trading LLC said in press release.

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U.S. Commodity Funds Launches Brent Oil ETF

Commodity Funds launches a Brent oil futures fund similar to USO, but will its returns be dogged by the same contango-related problems?