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 What’s The ‘Natural’ Choice?

With no end in sight to natural gas’s dismal performance, you might think investors would avoid the commodity, sticking to safer assets like oil and gold. Not so. Judging by the popularity of natural gas investments, many investors still see opportunity lurking in the weeds, and for good reason: Purely on long-term fundamentals, natural gas is due for a breakout.

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Palladium, Platinum ETFs Launch

ETF Securities launched new ETFs in early January, providing U.S. investors with easy access to physical platinum and palladium for the first time. The ETFS Platinum Trust (NYSE Arca: PPLT) and ETFS Palladium Trust (NYSE Arca: PALL) both hold physical bullion in a vault as their sole asset.

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Who's Winning The ETF Race?

In a sneak preview from January's Exchange-Traded Funds Report, we look at the state of the ETF industry in 2010.

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Jylkka: Cold Winter Coming; Buy Natural Gas

Chris Jylkka, one of the smartest natural gas traders we know, says we’re in for a frigid January. He recommends warming up with UNG.