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Live Chat: Defining Growth, Value & Heartbeats

Dave Nadig answers readers' ETF questions in real time. Here’s the transcript.

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ETF Week: Zero-Fee Funds Debut

Plus, the first space ETF rolls out.

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Hot Reads: Where Active Mgmt Actually Works

Also, will Amazon drive ETF fees below zero?


ETF Prime Podcast: Improving Financial Literacy

Plus, spotlighting smart-beta ETFs state of the union and ‘TRTY.’

ETF Strategist Corner

Choosing US Multifactor ETFs

Follow the five ‘P’s’ in the selection process to pick the right fund for you.

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Nontransparent ETF Structure Approved

Precidian wins footrace to launch actively managed nontransparent ETFs.

Daily Hot Reads

Hot Reads: Peak Factor Investing?

Plus, more evidence indexing is not disrupting the stock market.

Features and News

Top Performing ETFs Of The Year

The top-performing ETFs of Q1 2019 had gains ranging from 28% all the way up to 103%.