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Daily ETF Flows: Out Of MINT And Into SPY

Is an exit from MINT a sign investors are growing less defensive?

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Dreyfus Planning Passive ETFs Too

With the ink barely dry on its filing to offer active ETFs, Dreyfus submits new paperwork to the SEC to offer passive, fundamentally indexed, ETFs as well.

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Don’t Confuse Cheap With Good

Matt's ETF portfolio sure is cheap, but is it actually the best?

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McCall’s Call: China-Related ETF Universe Expands

China’s decision to slowly let its currency rise against the dollar makes a number of ETFs a bit more interesting, even though the yuan’s float is still more ‘dirty’ than free.

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 May Fund Flows Show Fear

May's ETF fund flows indicate that investors were driven largely by fear during the month.

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Want A Yuan Play? Look To Commodities

Maybe the best way to play the Chinese yuan, Matt, is to not play it at all.

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Waking Up To A Yuan Yawner

Investors in the WisdomTree Dreyfus Chinese Yuan ETF (NYSEArca: CYB) got everything they could have wished for over the weekend, and what did it net them? Bupkis.

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iShares Active? Big Deal

What’s the world come to when a bastion of academic finance decides to go full-on stock picker? Maybe business as usual.