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The Other ETF To Watch (EGPT, GREK)

Investor attention was largely focused on Greek elections and on the eurozone over the weekend. But perhaps more of it should have been focused on the first democratic elections this weekend in Egypt, which have caused the value of the ETF targeting the country to plunge, according to an article on Benzinga.

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Surprise Performances Among Global ETFs (GXG, EWM, AFK)

During the past month, international stocks have entered a rut, but there are some funds that have been able to hold up, signaling a possible upside in the market or perhaps just that these funds have noteworthy resilience, according to an article on Benzinga.

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GAF: Gaffe Or Good Choice?

SPDR has marketed GAF as an ‘emerging Middle East & Africa’ ETF since its inception in March 2007. That's a little bit misleading.

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EGPT Creations Resume As Exchange Reopens

EGPT comes back to life along with Egyptian bourse.