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Meb Faber’s Hedge Fund Replication 101

The head of Cambria explores how and why investors should be cloning their favorite hedge funds.

Daily ETF Watch

Daily ETF Watch: New Cash Flow Fund Debuts

TrimTabs rolls out its first in-house ETF.

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Issuers Employ 'ETF-In-A-Box' Service

Exchange-Traded Concepts helps providers looking to launch their very own funds.

ETF Strategist Corner

The Ways ETFs Are Replacing Hedge Funds

The world of ETFs is slowly and steadily encroaching on turf that once belonged exclusively to hedge fund managers.

ETF Report

 The ETF Trail Guide

Six years ago, J. Garrett Stevens, CEO of FaithShares, had just launched his first ETFs. He and his partners sat back, counted their victories, and eagerly waited for investors to bang down the door to buy up the funds.

They never did.

ETF Strategist Corner

Complete The Core With Specialty ETFs

Mining the ETF universe for niche funds to augment core exposure means investors can get activelike exposure, but at passive prices.

ETF.com Analysis

Beyond iBillionaire ETF’s Marketing Sizzle

Can an equal-weighted large-cap ETF make you invest like a billionaire?

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Hedge Fund Tracking ETFs Lagging S&P

Alpha-seeking ETFs are fine in a surging market, but they’re not so hot now.